Students At Louisville High To Create Unique Memories With COVID-Restricted Prom

So long as health guidelines are promoted and enforced at the events, high school seniors are allowed to go to prom.

Video Transcript

- Well, as restrictions on the coronavirus loosen up, high school students in Colorado are getting ready for the return of a treasured tradition. The state has okayed in-person proms. But as Dillon Thomas learned, schools and students will still have to navigate some COVID restrictions.

- Some say the class of 2020 was robbed of key high school experiences, like their senior prom. The class of 2021 will be more fortunate this year, though their big dance won't look the same as those of pre-pandemic times.

- Amid a pandemic, the return of students to the classroom and high school sports was a sign of hope for the senior class at Monarch High. A social life in high school is almost as important as the education itself.

- And this year has been, really, tough for everyone.

- Especially for those who graduated in 2020.

- Prom is, actually, canceled last year.

- But this year the state is allowing prom, just under health guidelines.

- I'm very excited. I think, it's really special that our class can have just one big thing together. So, we really haven't had anything. We haven't had big sporting events. So, it's really, fun that we can all do something together.

- Tori Sylvester and Noah Hubbard are more than just co-presidents charged with planning this year's prom, they're also dating.

- A six-foot dance might be a little bit weird. I know slow dancing is going to look a little weird six-feet apart.

- That's right. As of now, the state wants the teens to mask up, stay in cohorts, and maintain distancing. Hubbard hopes the distancing will be lifted by prom. If not--

- We can do the Cha Cha Slide together.

- Principal Neil Anderson said, students can get free COVID testing days before prom. And are asked to come in personal cars, not limos.

- Planning for this event, we want to make sure it's special. But we also want to make sure it's safe.

- Hubbard and Sylvester say, prom can be done in a way that will create new memories. Not new cases of COVID.

- I'm, really, excited. And I think, that's what we're trying to create. It's as normal as it can be. An experience for the whole senior class.

- While some schools, like those here at Monarch, are planning on having their proms at another venue. Other schools say they're just going to scrap the dance as a whole and do a night out at the zoo instead. In Louisville, Dylan Thomas, covering Colorado first.