Students Rescued After Taking Boat Made of Buckets and Duct Tape to Sea: 'Nautical Nonsense'

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Santa Barabra County Fire Department

Two college students from California took arts and crafts to a new level this weekend when they took a homemade boat made out of buckets, duct tape and kiddie pools out into the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Noozhawk, two male students were rescued early Saturday morning near Isla Vista, a community located near UC Santa Barbara in Southern California.

The makeshift vessel was made out of 20 buckets, plywood, duct tape and two plastic kiddie pools, pictures show.

"If Nautical Nonsense Is Something You Wish — Two male students in their 20's were rescued unharmed at 2:37 a.m.," wrote Santa Barbara County Fire Department PIO Mike Eliason on Twitter of the would-be seafarers.

"Sat off Isla Vista after they were unable to return to shore in their boat fashioned from duct tape, buckets, and kiddie pools," he added. "Alcohol was not a factor."

The men were not engineering majors, Noozhawk added of the students.

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Santa Barabra County Fire Department

The outlet said the men set out to sea without wetsuits on a night when temperatures in the water were about 55 degrees. Emergency personnel was notified of the boat by someone who spotted it around 2 a.m., and they reached the men about a half-hour later.

"The tide kept pushing them further and further from shore approximately — 300 yards before County Fire was summoned," Eliason said, according to Noozhawk.

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"They didn't seem to be in any distress, but they were just floating out there," he added to the Los Angeles Times.

"We managed to bring them back to shore and they were grateful. I just wish they had planned whatever they were doing a little better," he continued.

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The boat may have been part of a school project, the Times reported. Neither the students' names nor school were publicly revealed.

"The two young mariners who fashioned their own watercraft were very fortunate that someone saw them, that they were out at sea, and notified authorities," Eliason said, according to Noozhawk. "As they were unable to make their way back to shore in their boat made of made of plastic buckets and kiddie pools."

It was a busy weekend for rescue workers in the area. A man in his 60s was also saved around 4 a.m. Saturday after he became trapped between two wooden pilings along Goleta Beach Pier.