Students & Staff Mourn The Loss Of Gavin Cecil Who Was Killed In A Crash Over The Weekend

Members of the school’s counseling team, the District’s crisis response team, and their therapy dog, Apollo, were at Gavin's school Tuesday to provide support to students, families and staff.

Video Transcript

- The Brighton community is in mourning this evening over the loss of a 10-year-old boy. Gavin Cecil died in a car crash over the holiday weekend. And Gavin's mother, Karina Cecil, is accused of driving drunk and causing that fatal wreck, facing charges including vehicular homicide, child abuse, careless driving, DUI. Also being a habitual traffic offender because she has past DUI convictions. Our Shawn Chitnis on our top story tonight. Shawn what a difficult time at Gavin's school. Sounds like his classmates are able to get some help.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Well, Jim, we certainly understand why some of those classmates wanted to be here to get the chance to talk to counselors and be with the school's own therapy dog. Now the school district tells us they are trying to support this family as best as they can, and they will be working with them and the rest of this community to do what they can throughout the summer.

Apollo the therapy dog was the friendly face families needed to see today.

CHRIS FIEDLER: I was just visiting with a father who brought his son in, and his son actually played baseball with Gavin. So they're here just getting some support. And I think he actually requested time with Apollo.

SHAWN CHITNIS: The death of Gavin Cecil on Saturday is still a shock to this school and its community.

CHRIS FIEDLER: It's been a long, challenging year for everyone. Certainly a horrific tragedy to really end the school year, here on Memorial Day weekend.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Support services at Southeast Elementary School helped young children try to cope with the loss of one of their classmates. In a school district like [? 27J, ?] even as they grow to 20,000 students all together, they've maintained a small town feel.

CHRIS FIEDLER: Gavin actually lived across the street from me. Didn't know him well, but just a really great young man, always a smile on his face.

SHAWN CHITNIS: A smile you could see in the many pictures his family shared with us while they try to quietly come to terms with his death.

CHRIS FIEDLER: We want to extend our deepest sympathies to Gavin's family, extended family. It's heartbreaking. I can't imagine what they're going through. But know that we care about them. We love them, and we'll do all we can to support them through this tragedy.

SHAWN CHITNIS: And coming up tonight on CBS 4 News at 10:00, our [? Conor McCue ?] will be speaking to the stepdad of Gavin and have more of what he has to say. His other son was also in that car. So that's coming up tonight at 10:00. For now, live in Brighton, Shawn Chitnis covering Colorado First.