Studio 54 memorabilia auction on Saturday — and a Savannah connection you may not know about

There’s a great photograph in the NY Post today — accompanying The last days of disco: Studio 54 auction preview photo gallery — of Diana Ross and Richard Gere from back in the day. That image is being sold along with a whole lot more in Saturday’s auction of memorabilia from Studio 54. From the description under that photo: Ross “was a regular when she was in town, and she had incredible charisma — she could walk through the crowd and just part the seas,” says Steve Rubell’s former assistant Myra Scheer. Ex-doorman Marc Benecke recalls that Ross “loved to go in the DJ booth and sit up there; sometimes Steve would give her the mike and she’d belt out a couple bars of a tune.” While actors and musicians were a big part of the club’s mix, “it was not just the entertainment world,” says Scheer. “It was the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s brother, it was Vladimir Horowitz. Harry King, the hair stylist, said the shot that captured Studio for him was Moshe Dayan with Valerie Perrine.” Myra Scheer — one of the most upbeat people you’ll ever meet — grew up in Savannah and has been spending more and more time here. She’s done extensive PR work over the years and is a longtime member of the Savannah Film Festival advisory board. She’s half of the Marc and Myra Show on SiriusXM — a regular program on Studio 54 Radio. From the show’s description: He was the man behind Studio 54′s legendary velvet rope, and she held the key to the world’s most exclusive call list. If you didn’t get in back in the day, you’re in now. Every Sunday night Marc and Myra and their guests transform memory lane into a dance floor with incredible accounts of what is now perceived to be the best days of dance music.