New Study Aims To Better Understand Cycling Patterns In Denver

The study is being done by the Downtown Denver Partnership.

Video Transcript

- Well, first of its kind study now underway in Denver to better understand cycling and how to improve safety, connectivity, also equity. [INAUDIBLE] partnership has put it on the study. And they're gathering their information in a really innovative way. 300 cyclists were given lights to put on their bikes that are also sensors. These will be able to track users as they brake, swerve, and go even on rough and uneven pavement. And this will allow planners and engineers to better understand where a safety issue may exist prior to a crash occurring.

ANDREW ILTIS: The most exciting thing is that we'll actually understand a little bit more about how even different cyclists are using the road. So we'll understand, you know, the difference between how men and women are using the roadway. So this is gonna teach us a lot about, you know, a lot more than what we currently know about cyclist behavior.

- So get this. All those free sensors have been given out. But you can still be a part of this study if you want. Discounted sensors are available for cyclists. We have information on that and how to sign up for the study at