Survey Says Math Tops K-12's Worry From COVID Cliff

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Students falling behind in math is the greatest concern for both students and parents today, according to the October release of's Survey Says. Although English, history and science were also listed as potential problem subjects in the pandemic learning environment, math came in first as the area where students are most at risk of losing ground—and the subject that teachers admit is the hardest to teach.


The results from's survey reveal:

Math is the #1 COVID Cliff for students:

  • Over a third (34 percent) of students cited math as the subject area they think will suffer from the COVID-19 Learning Cliff, followed by science (18%) and history (9%).

Teachers say math is hard to teach in the current environment:

  • 24 percent of teachers selected math as the most difficult subject to teach in the COVID-19 learning environment, followed by science (16%)

  • Another 16 percent of teachers said all subjects were hard to teach under current conditions.

Parents think students will overcome the COVID Cliff:

  • 36 percent of parents said math was the subject area they think their child will fall behind in the most because of the COVID-19 Learning Cliff. This was followed by English (10%) and science (10% ).

  • Almost a quarter of parents weren't concerned about their student falling behind in any academic subject Survey Says is a monthly research project conducted by to provide regular snapshots of teachers, parents and students' perspectives on the world of learning. surveyed 231 K-12 teachers, 201 K-12 students and 146 parents from October 1-5, 2020 to examine topical issues related to education, election knowledge and the COVID-19 Learning Cliff. For all of the findings from the study, visit

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