Study: Huntsman Facebook fans “Like” Ron Paul book

A new Facebook app has revealed that the book “Facebook fans” of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman are reading the most is Texas Representative Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: A Manifesto.”

The Washington Post recently conducted an analysis of Facebook data culled by a new Facebook app, Wisdom. The paper ”identified the Wisdom users who ‘Like’ the major Republican candidates, and revealed the books, music and sports teams that appeal to them.”

Wisdom — which measures 304,164,585 page “likes” by 3,648,774 people in 72,403 cities, as of Saturday, January 7 — is a “free collective intelligence application,” which allows users to gather insight from the information that is in their Facebook network.

Facebook users are able to “Like” multiple candidates through their own profiles in order to follow updates from from the candidates through their “News Feed,” so results are not mutually exclusive to a particular candidate. For example, the number one book Paul “fans” are reading is the same as Huntsman’s.

The number one book Mitt Romney “fans” are reading is “Democracy Denied: How Obama is Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America — and How to Stop Him,” by Phil Kerpen, vice president for policy at Americans for Prosperity.

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Study: Huntsman Facebook fans "Like" Ron Paul book

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