Study: People With Severe COVID Conditions Can Develop Growths In The Back Of Their Eye

WBZ-TV's Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.

Video Transcript


- On the "Health Watch," scientists have discovered the coronavirus can affect many organs in the body, and the eye is no exception.

- Dr. Mallika Marshall joins us tonight to talk about this. And Mallika, you know, you talk to a lot of people with symptoms who say their eyes are really sore. And so there's a study that says people with severe COVID-19 can develop growths in the back of the eye?

MALLIKA MARSHALL: Right, so we see patients often complain of conjunctivitis or their eyes are red or they're sore. But this appears to be something different. These were researchers in France who looked at almost 130 patients with severe COVID-19 who were hospitalized who had had MRIs of their brain. And they found that about 7% of them had one or more nodules or these little growths in the back of their eyeballs.

Now it's unclear what caused them, perhaps inflammation from the virus. It's unclear if the growths actually can lead to vision loss. But they say it's a good reason why people with severe COVID-19 should be screened for these types of problems and that they now want to study people with mild to moderate COVID-19 to see if they also develop these little growths.

- So much to study. And while covid-19 lockdowns have had devastating psychological and economic impacts on a lot of people, most of us, for some, they say there have been some welcome benefits.

- I know a lot of people, Doctor, can agree that they have a greater appreciation for their family after this.

MALLIKA MARSHALL: That was a big one. These were researchers in the UK and in Portugal. And what they did was survey almost 400 people who were taking care of kids at home. Most of them were mothers who were working out of the home. And almost 90% of them said that there were some benefits to being stuck at home during the pandemic. About a half of them said that they had a renewed appreciation for their family. About a quarter of them said it allowed them to reconsider what's really important in their lives and to live healthier lives with less stress.

And then other lockdown benefits that were mentioned were having a greater sense of spiritual growth, a chance to discover new opportunities, a better-work life balance-- that would be me-- and the ability to learn new technologies. In fact, some of the people at home said that they enjoyed helping the children with their online learning. I don't think it was most of the people, but there were some.

- Well, they say hindsight is 20/20. Paula, I can attest to that. It's time you'll never get back.

- It's true, you've got your two little boys. You spend your time. Mallika, you with your kids, it's that old saying, crisis is the best editor, right? Dr. Mallika, thank you so much. And Dr. Mallika Marshall offers her best advice. But as always, consult your personal doctor before you make any decisions about your health. If you have a question for Dr. Mallika, there are three ways here to reach her-- her email,, on Twitter @mallikamarshall, or Facebook messenge her, Dr. Mallika Marshall.