This Study Shows Tesla Leading The Charge In Online Car Sales

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Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is known for its online buying experience. Customers can visit Tesla's website, pick the vehicle they want, check the boxes of what options they desire, and order their new vehicle. So it shouldn't be a surprise that Tesla is a leader in online sales.

Car manufacturers from the U.S., Europe and China had their online buying experiences compared by BearingPoint, a consulting firm.

“You need to be where your customers are to understand their needs and preferences. As Tesla convincingly demonstrates, online sales are becoming increasingly important," said BearingPoint.

While most car manufacturers are selective in which markets they implement an online presence, Tesla is available in all markets studied. The company is not only represented everywhere, but also has the best results.

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Benzinga's Take: It can be argued that despite shutting down factories for weeks, the pandemic helped show Tesla's online sales model is what companies will need going forward. Tesla was able to transition the delivery experience to a touchless one since the online buying model was already underway.

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