'Stunning': The Mars rover image that may become iconic

A selfie photograph snapped by the Perseverance Mars rover, moments before it landed on the red planet, is being compared to some of the most iconic images ever taken by NASA in space. NASA's Pauline Hwang and Aaron Stehura say the rover is "doing great" and the stunning photo is "is something we've never seen before."

Video Transcript

- I can definitely say that when we saw this image-- I think we can flash it again. But seeing the Rover hanging underneath the sky crane, underneath our rocket--powered jet pack, I mean, this is something that we've never seen before. It was stunning, and the team was awestruck. And you know, there is just a feeling of victory that we were able to capture these and share it with the world.

- It couldn't have been better. We were just kind of like on cloud 9. And all of us were just saying we were kind of in this weird dream-like state. We're like, we can't actually believe that this is what we're seeing, like, right now at this moment. The science team immediately started looking at all those rocks and zooming in and going, what is that?

- [INAUDIBLE] Mars history is the Rover.