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Kayaking in Norway

West of Sotra, Norway. (Photo: Tomasz Furmanek/Caters News)

Stunning shots show crystal-clear waters in Norway's lakes and fjords

Marine researcher Tomasz Furmanek, 44, from Bøjarnesveien, Norway, takes stunning images while kayaking through various fjords and lakes in the Scandinavian country. During Tomasz’s free time, he works as a freelance photographer traveling around the lakes, fjords and coastal regions of the beautiful country — and capturing breathtaking photographs.

“I work with computers in an office most of the time. Kayaking is a good way of getting exercise and exploring new remote locations that can’t be reached by roads. My favorite photos were taken in Nærøyfjorden, as this is one of the scenic fjords in Norway.” (Caters News)

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