"Stupendous turtle" fossil discovered in Colombia

Scientists in Colombia have unearthed fossils of one of the largest turtles that ever lived.

They say the freshwater beast was the size of a sedan and built for battle.

On Wednesday (February 12) scientists said the new fossils show that the Stupendemys geographicus grew up to 13 feet long and 1.25 tons in weight.

Males had sturdy horns on both sides of their shells.

And deep scars in the fossils show that these horns may have been used for fighting other males.

Stupendemys, meaning "stupendous turtle" inhabited a colossal wetlands system in South America long before the Amazon River even formed.

The turtles' large size may have allowed them to defend themselves against formdiable predators.

It shared their environment with 36-foot-long crocodilians.

One of the Stupendemys fossils was found with a two-inch-long croc tooth embedded in it.