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Style tips from Malcolm Jenkins to dress your best for Oscars viewing party, next night out

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The big night is just a few weeks away and 6abc's Ducis Rodgers gets some watch-from-home style tips from a pro.

Video Transcript

- 2,000 flavors to choose from.

- Damari Savile in Old City opened three years ago, suiting the men and women with a focus on precise tailoring.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: We do completely custom pieces from tuxedos, suits, overcoats, shirts, almost anything you can think of.

- The appointment-only boutique is founded by creative director and two-time Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins.

Malcolm's style identity and the way he dresses are the core of our aesthetic at our brand.

- Think polished, yet comfortable.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: So we do everything from even putting a drawstring waistband on your suit.

- Head designer Alyssa Dimarcantonio says the Academy Awards is an excuse to go all out in a year when we've been stuck in.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: I think we're all ready to put on something that's a little bit more fun. You know, you can do a lot with a Blazer. You can wear it with a t-shirt, put on your sparkliest jewelry for women.

- There's the classic tux.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: It is a double-breasted tuxedo in a Navy with a black satin lapel. And then we did it with a velvet self-tie bow tie.

- Or you can suit up.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: It is a chocolate Jacquard fabric.

- With the emphasis here on the details and textures.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: The shirt and the suit are in the same Jacquard, so you get that monochromatic look that is really on trend right now.

- And in the year of the pandemic, the robe suit combines the formal with the stay at home.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: This, I thought, would be really fun for the Oscars this year. We've seen people at home giving their acceptance speeches in their pajamas, the classic wool suiting fabric but made up in the styling of your loungewear robe.

- For the ladies, this versatile blazer doubles as a jacket or dress.

ALYSSA DIMARCANTONIO: It's a really fine, sky blue, light crepe fabric. So it has a really beautiful drape. It's really lightweight and airy. Pretend you're at the Oscars walking that red carpet.

- Alyssa predicts that when we emerge from our pandemic cocoons, there's going to be a roaring resurgence of 1920-style glamour.