Stylist Brad Goreski on the Winter Wardrobe Clothing Hack He Uses 'Almost Daily'

Colleen Kratofil
Stylist Brad Goreski on the Winter Wardrobe Clothing Hack He Uses 'Almost Daily'

Whether he’s dressing himself or styling his celebrity clients, stylist Brad Goreski knows clothes — and knows the best hacks to make garments look, feel and smell their best.

That’s why he teamed up with Febreze to endorse its new Clothing Odor Eliminator spray. “I use it pretty much almost daily,” he tells PEOPLE, adding that it’s been “game changer” for when he travels.

“What’s so great about it is when you’re traveling, your clothes are kind of like odor magnets, so they trap smells in their fibers,” Goreski, 42, says. “When you’re traveling, your clothes don’t actually get like dirty, dirty, so I’m definitely one of those people who is not afraid to do the sniff test.”

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So what does it do? The spray is designed to remove odors from lightly worn clothing to revive freshness. Goreski recommends spritzing three times on the front, and three on the back of each garment to give items a refresh. “It’s great because it takes out the time of having to dry clean things,” he says, noting that his favorite items to spritz are denim and winter coats.

“I also don’t like to really clean my winter coat, so it’s great just to give them a little bit of a spritz on the inside, and just freshen them up and they’ll be ready for the season.”

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Another season currently approaching? Award season — which is a busy one for Goreski. In addition to styling his famous clientele (which includes Jenna Dewan, Kaley Cuoco, Lea Michele, Sarah Hyland, Demi Moore, Natalia Dyer and many more) he’s also a style correspondent on E!. So we also caught up with the star to talk about red carpet styling, what we can expect to see on the red carpet and his exciting new project with husband (and Instagram favorite) Gary Janetti.

PEOPLE: Are you working closely with Sarah Hyland in picking out her wedding dress?

Brad Goreski: “I’m definitely going to be helping her. We are in the process of brainstorming right now. She had her engagement party like two weekends ago, and she wore this really beautiful Christian Siriano dress that he just showed in his spring collection. We’re already kind of in the brainstorming stages, but we haven’t made any final decisions. But I will definitely be involved all the way along.”

What’s it like working with Jenna Dewan after she announced her pregnancy? Is she all about showing off her bump right now?

BG: “Funny story, when I first started working with Jenna, she was six months pregnant with [her 6-year-old daughter] Everly. So, we started off in baby bump land, and her first appearance with me was the Oscars. So we’re having fun in round two. We’re trying to kind of mix it up a little bit. We’re having fun with color and different shapes. And we both really want to keep it interesting and a little unconventional, and yet we’re all about the baby bump showing. The bump is showing, so we’re not trying to hide it at all. It’s so great to work with because she likes to play dress up, and she loves fashion, and she likes to do things that are different. And so we tried to put together a really fun press tour look that coincided with her book, Gracefully You, and the vibe of that book.”

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Out of all of your celebrity clients, who would you say is the most chill when it comes to getting ready for an event, and who works most closely with you and wants to be a part of the whole process?

BG: “I would say Kaley [Cuoco] is definitely the most chill. She likes to try on as few things as possible. For the second part, it’s interesting because Demi [Moore] is very involved in the process, but once we choose the look, she’s like totally fine. So I would say most of my clients are pretty chill. Kaley’s definitely the most. I always like to be there getting ready with them, but they’re all really pretty easygoing, and are pros and red carpet veterans.”

Who are you most excited to see this award season?

BG: “Well, I love Zendaya, and I love what she and [stylist] Law Roach do together. I think she always looks amazing. Another is Kiki Layne. I was obsessed with her last year, but I’m even more so obsessed with her this year. I think she is just amazing. She’s an incredible actress and the team that she has working with her, stylists Wayman + Micah, is insane. I just love it so much. I’m also a big lover of Mandy Moore and I’m excited to see her. I’m sure she’ll be out on the circuit this year, and I just love the way that she is styled and put together. She’s always somebody I look forward to seeing on the red carpet.”

After all these years of styling, are there still nerve-wracking moments?

BG: “Yeah, all the time. We are at the mercy of so many things. We’re at the mercy of FedEx shipments arriving on time. We’re at the mercy of alterations coming out correctly. We’re at the mercy of the weather. So, there are all these different contributing factors that can make or break a red carpet look. More times than not, a dress that we’re really hoping to try on a client, comes late or gets stuck somewhere. And those are kinds of the things that are frustrating in the early stages. Until you kind of see the photos, anything could happen along the way. A broken zipper, a makeup stain. All of those things happen regularly, but I’m hoping we can avoid those this year a little bit.”

What can you tell me about your new lifestyle docu-series with husband Gary Janetti

BG: “It’s going to be really, really fun. We’re in the pre-production stages right now. We’re just planning everything out, and come the new year, we’re going to start filming our episodes. We’re so excited to get to do this together, and to get to do it with HBO Max, and get to travel the world, and share our experiences with people. That’s another dream come true. So, we’re just planning right now where we’re going to go. And yeah, we start filming in the new year.”