Su-34 fighter jet crashes in Russia’s Bryansk Oblast – video

Su-34 fighter jet that crashed in Bryansk Oblast
Su-34 fighter jet that crashed in Bryansk Oblast

“The Su-34 crashed near the Ukrainian border,” TASS claimed.

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“The fate of those who were on board is being established.”

The circumstances of the crash are under investigation.

Pro-Russian Telegram channel BAZA reported that saboteurs who may be involved in the crash of the Mi-8 helicopter and Su-34 fighter jet are being sought in Bryansk Oblast. A plan for “interception” has been introduced in the region.

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Earlier that day, a helicopter also crashed in Bryansk Oblast.

According to BAZA, the helicopter crashed into a private residence, injuring a 51-year-old woman who suffered burns from debris.

Later, TASS clarified that two people died as a result of the Mi-8 helicopter crash.

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