Subtly Modified R32 Godzilla Celebrates Its 30th Birthday And Could Be Yours!

Max Holder
1989 Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R

This Skyline GT-R sports just 84,000 kilometres and is ready to be enjoyed with some useful upgrades to really get the best from it

There aren’t many cars that have been named after fictitious monsters, but the R32 Skyline GTR, like this one offered by J Spec Auto, is one of them and for good reason.

Despite the automakers gentlemen's agreement on horsepower marketing, figures produced by the twin turbo straight six exceeded the quoted 276 horsepower by quite some margin. Even today, cars that are approaching their 30th birthday are pumping out closer to 320 horsepower on the dyno. That’s some impressive engineering.

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Unlike the Supra of the time, the Skyline had a rather radical party trick up its sleeve; four wheel steering in conjunction with four wheel drive. Although today in 2019 that may not turn heads, it certainly did in the 80s.

The example featured here is described as largely original with some very light modifications. Looking at the classic lines you can tell that subtlety was the key to these modifications. Despite the dark grey metallic that has the propensity to make one reminisce about the days of Gran Turismo on the Playstation, this one enjoys an M’s intake, a Kakimoto exhaust, and a racing clutch along with some HKS coilovers amongst other small embellishments.

With 84,000 kilometres on the clock you’ll also know there are many decades of fun to be sought from this weapon of a car, with RB26 motors known for their steadfastness and willingness to please.

Step inside and you’ll find the Skyline is just as Nissan intended, with the only visible addition being a set of Tomei GTR instruments, again, reiterating the subtlety. No aftermarket bucket seats or flashy steering wheels here.

The vendor continues and assures us that all documentation is present and correct, allowing the new American owner to register the car with ease and rejoice the fact this JDM legend is now able to be brought to American shores to enjoy with all its glory.

For more information on this Skyline GTR, visit J Spec Auto.