Subway employee zaps bugs near customers' food

Subway sandwiches come with a variety of innovative toppings — now including dead bugs.

In a recently viral video posted to Facebook, Justin Clemons, a concerned customer, watches in horror as a Subway employee zaps bugs near the restaurant's sandwich counter. The restaurant, located in Franklin, Indiana, was closed yesterday as local health department officials conducted an investigation. 

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"If I don’t record this, I don’t think anyone in their right mind will believe this is happening right now," Clemons told News 8.

Clemons initially heard the loud buzzing but was unable to determine its source. His son, Clemons reported, later told him that the sound came from a Subway employee killing bugs with an electrified racket. 

"Please share, this is the most unsanitary thing I've ever witnessed at a restaurant," Clemons wrote in his post.

Health department officials were pleased to learn that the employee was only going after gnats, not large flies.

What a victory! Still, some officials were skeptical.

"We didn’t want to see this over the food area," John Bonsett, director of environmental health for Johnson County, told News 8.

Though toppings can cost customers a pretty penny at Subway, dead bugs — at least in this instance — came entirely free of charge. 

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