Subway employee's video turns into sales tax lesson

A Subway employee is sparking a major debate after sharing the supposedly “hidden” fees that the chain charges in some states.

The employee, who goes by the name babyybrinaa1 on social media, shared the

extra costs in a series of TikTok videos.

In the clips, she explains how customers could be charged more for different versions of essentially the same sandwich order.

But as it turned out, the videos

actually revealed an issue related to

state tax code, not Subway policy.

However, the TikToker’s “hacks”

for saving money can still be

helpful depending on the state.

“So if you guys didn’t know, Subway

is actually charging you for every

sandwich you get toasted,” she says.

before showing a $0.60-cent

difference in the orders.

The truth, as many TikTok users pointed out

— and babyybrinaa1 admitted in the

comments she’d just learned —.

is that this cost is a result of

California’s “hot food” tax.

The state, where babyybrinaa1’s particular Subway store is located, actually adds a sales tax to “hot prepared food products”.

Similar laws exist within several other states.

so it’s worth looking up the tax laws

in your area if you want to save

a few cents on your sandwich