Success Of South Korean Mask Packs, Never-Ending Story Of SNP Cosmetics

[by Yoo Jeong] Consumers in the 21st century are getting used to ‘smart’ consumption. As there are more and more smart consumers, companies face many difficulties.

In the midst of this trend, there is a beauty brand attracting the attention through honest sales to smart consumers. That is SNP Cosmetics, which totally changed the mask pack market with its ‘Animal Mask.’

The Animal Mask of SNP, which is a ‘big hit’ at home and abroad, has gained attention with its trendy design.  As soon as it was released, it made a number of issues, leading to orders of over 10 million units within one month.

SNP Cosmetics may be seen as successful with its Animal Mask’s great popularity, and is expanding its influence to all around the world. SNP’s excellent products and marketing strategies serve as a foundation for the globalization of the company.

SNP Cosmetics, which succeeded in satisfying difficult consumers with tens of standards for choosing cosmetic products, is writing a success story that may appear in Aesop’s Fables.

Since its launching in 2009, SNP Cosmetics (with CEO Park Seol-woong, hereinafter called SNP) has rapidly preoccupied the market. Although the company had numerous failures before that, now SNP has leaped forward as a brand that anyone would know by keeping its enterprise spirit.

■ SD Bioengineering, The Beginning Of SNP


Some say the South Korean cosmetics market is saturated. As there exist tons of cosmetics brands, it is hard for a specific brand to take the initiative in the market. However, it also means that there are at least as many different products, which is a reason why South Korean small and medium-sized cosmetics brands can stand out.

In this connection, SNP began to show its existence soon after it appeared in the market. As you may feel from the name, SD Bioengineering, which is still used as the corporation name of SNP, it holds the will of CEO Park Seol-woong to continue to study on human skin focusing on technological development and materials, not like other cosmetics companies.

SNP began to shine in the market with cosmetics specializing in pores and troubles, and after that, started developing the brand by building  customers’ trust.

CEO Park said back then, “The products most loved by customers right now are the Acsys line and the pore tightening line, which are effective for reducing skin troubles,” adding, “As we have patents in the areas of pores and troubles, we can be confident that no matter how other companies imitate our products, their products won’t be as effective as ours.”
As the patents obtained by SNP are published to all, anyone could imitate. However, CEO Park said, “No matter how hard one may try, he or she can never perfectly imitate even the effects,” adding, “Our pore tightening line and trouble line, on which we have even patents, are made by mixing in our own way and using new vegetable materials, and they have definitely different effects from those of imitations.”

SNP’s cosmetics that were made based on this belief began to prove its effects through consumers. CEO Park says that he became confident about the company’s product quality when he saw those customers continue to purchase the company’s products after they used them once.

Actually, customers spread word of mouth that SNP’s products are superior on controlling pores and troubles. The Acsys line and pore tightening line, which are anti-trouble lines, have been loved by various persons from the early days of their release up until now.

■ After A Storm Comes A Calm

It is not that there have only been good memories since when SD Bioengineering took the first step as a cosmetics company up until now. The first crisis began from differences in opinions between partners. However, CEO Park could not give up cosmetics business because of that crisis, and thus, formed partnership with another dermatologist.

However, this problem was not the end but the beginning. A friend of Park who copied SNP’s products started taking the position of SNP at online shopping malls.  

Back then, SNP’s products were ranking first on the four largest online shopping malls, but they faced a crisis that resulted in losing this position. However, this crisis did not last long, and CEO Park revived SNP by turning to offline sales instead of giving up.

Currently, SNP has settled as a representative cosmetics exporter, but, it also went through a crisis during the process of first export. When the company first exported to Japan, the Japanese importer raised an issue that the exported products were different from the samples. They were things such as the surface of the tube and the case design, which were regarded as trivial in South Korea, but, precise Japanese consumers caught the issues.

This experience served as a foundation for SNP’s strength. CEO Park made the company’s philosophy that ‘SNP must be definite in all areas’ on the basis of failure. Accordingly, he decreased the error rate that was reaching almost 30 % down to 0.5 %. Here, you can see his belief and passion that changed a crisis into an opportunity.

■ SNP, A Cosmeceutical Brand

Before the current SNP was made, it was no exaggeration to say that the company was a brand specializing in skin troubles. The company secured a number of technologies to make healthy skin, which were gradually recognized by consumers and praised by word of mouth.

CEO Park said, “I think that there should be no vague point in cosmetics that deal with human skin. Especially in the areas of pores and troubles,” adding, “Hence, dermatologists who know about skin better than anyone, personally developed our products and conducted clinical tests to start a brand specializing in pores and troubles.”

CEO Park had worked for a health food company, and felt attracted to cosmetics while delivering products to large cosmetic companies such as Hankook Cosmetics and Coreana. He focused on healthy cosmetics through research and development.

SD Bioengineering started like that. The name is still used as the corporation name of SNP. As you may feel from the name, it reflects the will of CEO Park to continue to study on human skin focusing on technological development and materials.

CEO Park thought that the only thing that can prove effects that are objectively visible to the eye is ‘science,’ and obtained patents related to pore tightening, sebum control, black head elimination, and pimple treatment through research and development about cosmetics. Also, he succeeded in proving objective effects on the basis of clinical tests. The earnest product development based on scientific grounds let the beginning of SNP be known.
The motto of SNP is ‘a cosmetics company focusing on raw materials and their research.’ The company came to emerge as a cosmetics company attracting attention in the overseas market as a result of its ceaseless efforts based on differentiated raw materials and technologies.

As SNP began from a distribution company that supplied materials for cosmetics, the company has a comparative advantage in identification and control knowhow on raw materials, which still works as a merit. This ability is applied to product development also, and the company’s researchers begin all development by searching for the optimum raw materials.

Therefore, SD Bioengineering, which started from product development for relieving skin troubles, introduced the concept of ‘cosmeceutical.’ It is a new concept of slogan combining cosmetic and medicine, it describes the category of cosmetic products that gain the greatest attention these days.

The chance for SNP to be known to the general public was the popularity of the Black Head Intensive Care, which was released in 2009. The SNP black head series, made of five products for pore tightening including gel, pack, and foam, sold well with word of mouth among adolescents. There was SNP’s great product quality behind the success.

■ How SNP Approaches Market With ‘Ideas’

As mentioned above, the early products of SNP such as pore tightening pack, black head pack, and Acsys line, had a strong image of hospital because of their packaging with the company’s red cross logo emphasized. This could stress the functionality and the fact that the products were made by dermatologists, but, the package design could only be uniform.

However, the company soon unveiled a mask pack with colorful package design, to which pop art loved by the young was added. These efforts changed the recognition on SNP, which led to sale increase.

In the modern society with very rapidly changing trends like these days, it is no exaggeration to say that how a company follows the changes determine the success or the failure of the company. The same goes for the beauty industry whose current consumers are from a generations who is sensitive to trends, and SNP also satisfied their new, trendy needs, repeating innovations and changes.

The remarkable development of the beauty industry stands head and shoulders above the others in 2014. This proves that those cosmetic products in the market all have good substances and effects.

Here you can see that SNP does its best not only to satisfy emotional desire of consumers with a great appearance but to satisfy consumers with the product’s quality.  

■ Deal With Competition Between Mask Pack Through Differentiation

While the mask pack market rapidly grew, recording a scale of 300 billion won per year, mask packs of not only SNP but also a number of cosmetics brands in South Korea settled as a representative item of K-Beauty, being loved by overseas markets including China.

Mask pack is a product family with which consumers are highly satisfied compared with price, as they can experience immediate effects at a low cost. Thus, the purchasing barrier is low, and foreign consumers prefer South Korean mask pack because of the country’s great technologies. Hence, the market share of K-Beauty in the overseas mask pack market is expected to increase further.

Actually, the data presented by the Foundation of Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute show that the market share of South Korean mask pack in China went up from 2 % in 2012 to over 10 % in 2013. Currently, a greater value is shown, and various companies are competing over mask packs.

At that point when there was a fierce competition on mask packs at home and abroad, product differentiation was needed above all. Thus, SNP came to use innovative mask pack substances through its technologies. The product made through this process was the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask.

The Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask sold over 5 million units per month to China. The SNP ampoule mask set including the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask, Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask, and Diamond Brightening Ampoule Mask became a big hit among Chinese consumers.

The set sold around 10 million units and its sales exceeded 30 billion won in four mounts from its release. Afterwards, the sales also grew steadily, focusing on Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore as well as China. This product showed a differentiated quality, which was visible also in the already saturated mask pack market, as SNP concentrated the best technologies in order to increase the effects of key raw materials from the step of planning and development of the product.

Here, SD Bioengineering established another marketing strategy, which was to bring the successof the overseas market into South Korea. The company showed its will to continue the success in overseas market also in its distribution lines in South Korea, and succeeded with its ‘Animal Mask,’ which will be mentioned later.

As small and medium-sized cosmetics companies in South Korea mostly worry over distribution lines, those companies can expect increase in sales only if they settle the issue. SNP is supplying its products to Watson’s, Olive Young, All Mask Story, etc. And, the company is smoothly expanding its sales through its own online shopping mall.

■ Main Character Of SNP’s Success

K-Cosmetic became also popular overseas, and the Korean Wave reached its peak with companies seeing a rapid increase in export by over 30 % and preparing for countermeasures for supplying products at the right moment. SNP caught the eye of consumers with ‘special’ mask packs at that time. These are the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask and the Animal Mask.

>>>>Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask

The Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask is made by concentrating sialic acid in stormy petrel nest (saliva of swallows), which is known as one of the four major health foods in the world. The amount of sialic acid in the saliva of swallows is two thousand times of that in the saliva of humans and two hundred times of that in royal jelly. It helps increasing skin elasticity and moisture, leading to a record of five million units of the mask sold in a month.

The SNP ampoule mask set including the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask, the Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask, and the Diamond Brightening Ampoule Mask sold around 10 million units within four months from its release. Its sales exceeded 30 billion won by the end of 2014. Its exportwas focused on Southeast Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia as well as China.  

SNP made efforts to maximize the effects of key raw materials from the step of planning and development of this product, to materialize the optimum content and feeling, and to strictly control the quality. The company released mask packs that contain stormy petrel nest extracts, which was known as one of the four major health foods in the world, as well as high-priced jewels that are diamond and gold.

>>>>>SNP’s Animal Mask

The Animal Mask was released in four types, which are tiger, panda, otter, and dragon. Twenty animals were considered at the step of planning and development of the product. Twenty animals such as cat, pig, and baboon had a fierce competition, and it was not easy to select the four, said a staff of the brand. The product was released so painstakingly.

A person in charge of the brand said, “It was not easy to determine, and we printed the pictures of all the animals, attached them onto our faces, and voted.”

The early design of the Animal Mask was very cute, but, as the design went through a number of modification and changes, it was changed into lively styles that feel like real animals. Some say it is not cute but gross, but, that is the concept of the ‘SNP Animal Mask.’

SNP took great care of substances in order to do away the distrust about the substances of the cosmetics due to this appearance. The company did not want to hear people say, ‘only the design is unique.’

For this purpose, SNP reviewed various substances known for great moisturizing, and took note of ‘coconut,’ which was picked as a beauty secret by foreign top models and is popular also in South Korea. All four types of the SNP Animal Mask use a base, made by mixing 50 % of natural coconut juice and 50 % of coconut water.

Coconut water actually has a great effect of moisturizing, and also rapidly soothes the irritated skin. It effectively supplements moisture, which is the basic of skin care. The function of the highly enriched ampoule, which is different from type to type, is increased for a synergy effect.

As the character mask pack won popularity, consumers became more curious about the mask pack sheet printing. SNP said, “The SNP Animal Mask is made by using safe color raw materials that are used for products that directly contact the skin such as diapers and sanitary pads,” adding, “Here, we completed a skin irritation test to develop the product also for those with sensitive skin to use without worry.”.

In fact, the early products had the issue of losing coloring. However, it was fluff of the natural wood pulp sheet, rather than coloring, that came out. Also, the issue of fluff coming out is already settled for the recent products, and the sheet is a double-layered one with the printed sheet on the outer side. Thus, SNP explains that you may use it without worry.

Its double-layered natural wood pulp fabric has different texture directions, which makes it possible to contain highly enriched ampoule for a long time and to effectively convey good substances to the skin, allowing a more effective skin care.

    ‘Roommate Season 2’ broadcasted on March 24th on SBS

Recently, even TV shows display the character mask pack. On SBS ‘Roommate Season 2’ in March 2015, Jackson and Sunny used the Animal Mask. This mask pack, which provides fun, has made a great appeal to the viewers.

■ Alive Success of SNP

It meets the eye that SNP increased its sales through active marketing of items preferred by Chinese tourists focusing on mask pack through stores in Myeongdong and duty free shops. This year marks the eighth anniversary of the brand’s launching, which recorded 10 billion won of sales in January 2015. This is over the total sales of SNP in the year 2014. The company recorded the total sales of the previous year in only one month of January 2015.

SNP CEO Park Seol-woong said, “We are recording a continuous sales growth in 10 countries such as China, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia focusing on around 40 items such as mask packs and horse oil cream,” adding, “Our sales through the Myeongdong store specializing in mask packs, through drug stores, duty free shops, and overseas vendors grew in an explosive way, leading to a result of January this year exceeding the total sales of last year.”

This can be seen as a result of SNS marketing through active word of mouth using overseas bloggers, etc. focusing on the items popular among Chinese consumers such as mask packs, the aloe soothing gel, and the horse oil cream.

The effects of this marketing strategy were truly remarkable. This made the SNP mask pack rank first at Taobao, the largest online shopping mall in China.
SNP ranked first in the area of mask pack and 24th in the area of famous beauty brands in the world at Taobao, the largest open market in the world.

SNP’s awareness in China grew up as its product quality was acknowledged with the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask and SNP ampoule mask set. In January, the company unveiled ‘the SNP Animal Mask,’ which is a unique, new concept of mask packs, and it became a big hit. It ranked first from the first week of March 2015 on Taobao.

Accordingly, SNP’s products also ranked 24th in the cosmetic category, which proved they are the major trend.

A staff of SNP’s marketing team said, “SNP has been increasingly searched thanks to the steady interest of foreign consumers. Accordingly, the sales also steadily increased, and this time, we came to rank high on Taobao.”  

■ 2015 Becomes The Year Of SNP

While the fever for K-Beauty gets stronger, SNP’s traces can be found in beauty-related TV shows and awards. This is thanks to the mask pack series of SNP, which is very popular in China.

‘The Most Beautiful Days’ on MBC Everyone has broadcasted ‘The Most Asia-Beauty Awards.’ The Awards celebrate representative products of K-Beauty, which is the greatest concern of Asian women. ‘Wangi,’ one of the four largest Chinese portal Websites, and South Korean press and broadcasting stations jointly hosted the event.

The winners were strictly selected on the basis of statistics data and surveys of overseas media by around 20 experts at home and abroad including make-up artists and beauty editors out of numerous products.

As a result, SNP’s Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask won the mask pack award, which makes the glossy skin of South Korean actresses. There also was an explanation that the mask contains the substances of stormy petrel nest, which was eaten by Yang Kuei-fei, who was one of the three most beautiful women in the world, brightening the skin and making the skin stronger.

‘A Style for You’ on KBS2 introduced the Animal Mask as a skin care item popular in China through a section to find global trends through local residents. Actually, the fact that the product is enormously popular in China was reflected in that show. Koo Ha-ra, Kim Hee-chul, and Hong Suk-chun, who emceed the show, also showed great interest in the product.

In addition, the Animal Mask was selected in the mask pack category of 2015 Power Brand. 2015 Power Brand consists of picking the brands that are expected to grow and influence this year by area.

Also, on January 28, 2015, ‘the SNP Animal Mask’ was released to captivate hearts of consumers who want trendy products with unique character sheets, which had not existed in South Korea before.  

The product was assessed as gaining a great attention among young consumers in that it can add fun to skin care. Another reason for its victory was because it became a big issue on SNS with ‘evidence shots’ through marketing focusing on ‘selfie,’ which is a global trend.

  ‘2015 Asia Model Festival’

Most recently, SNP won ‘the Face Mask Award’ at ‘2015 Asia Model Festival.’ The Asia Model Festival, held at Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park in April 2015, is an Asia fashion and beauty festival, which had its 10th anniversary this year, hosted by Korea Model Association (with Yang Eui-sik as the chairman). It showed the excellence of Asian beauty.

Winning the Face Mask Award on that day, SNP was also evaluated as gaining the attention of Chinese tourists with mask pack products made from differentiated raw materials with brilliant ideas such as the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask and the Animal Mask.

SNP makes endeavor to develop new technologies to offer the best products that can help consumers take care of their beauty. The company’s final goal is to plan a variety of ideas and release differentiated products that did not exist in the cosmetics market before.

  At the ‘2015 Asia Model Festival,’ SNP won the ‘Face Mask Award.’

As SNP offered those products that stimulate curiosity with new, fresh charms superior effects of skin care, the company meets the strict standards of consumers by enabling them to take a special care of their skin, which is different from that of other products.

SNP said, “For this purpose, we aim at paying much attention to customers’ needs by not looking at them but by looking in the same direction with customers,” adding, “We will do our best to unveil products that can increase the customer satisfaction with our own thorough product planning and sound product quality.”

■ New Power In Distribution Channel

SNP has entered the Seoul store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop, Dongwha Duty Free in Gwanghwamun, the Jeju store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop, the Sogong-dong store of Lotte Duty Free, etc.

One of SNP’s goals in 2015, which is to enter major duty free shops, is being realized. Beginning with the Seoul store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, on April 1st, SNP successively entered Dongwha Duty Free in Gwanghwamun, the Jeju store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop, the Sogong-dong store of Lotte Duty Free, etc. boasting its power.

SNP was well-received by consumers, recording a sales higher than those of famous cosmetics brands at the Seoul store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop. Therefore, the company could additionally enter the Jeju store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop. Also, SNP said it was planning to captivate the hearts of Chinese whose visit to Jeju Island is rapidly increasing.

A staff at SNP said, “We are happy to meet more customers as we enter more duty free shops,” adding, “We are actively promoting to enter more duty free shops to increase the contact points with customers. We will make more efforts for the convenience in shopping of our customers.”

SNP has so far entered online shopping malls, Olive Young, LOHBs, Watson’s, brand shops specializing in mask packs, large duty free shops, etc. in South Korea.

SNP sells its products not only online but also through diverse offline distribution channels focusing on stores, drugstores, and health and beauty drugstores in South Korea. The company is not satisfied with that, and is targeting the global market.

CEO Park said, “The name of SD Bioengineering has a motto of ‘a cosmetics company focusing on raw materials and their research.’ Thus, our goal is to develop differentiated products with various materials and release them, and we are already developing products with a completed list of 50 new items to be developed this year.”

Next, he added, “We will continue to do our best to distinguish ‘SNP’s products’ from ‘South Korean products’ in the overseas cosmetics market.”

■ SNP’s Overseas Expansion With Brighter Future

While distribution channels are moving to find a way out during the economic recession, duty free shops and the cosmetics industry are enjoying an unusual boom. The capability of South Korean brands started to stand out in the overseas market including China.

Almost six million Chinese tourists visited South Korea in 2014. Their biggest purpose is shopping, and Myeongdong and Jeju Island have already become shopping capitals.

As many Chinese tourists continue to visit Korea, more brands are changing their distribution channels to direct sales to overseas markets. Those products that are praised by overseas consumers are receiving a storm of requests for purchase also in foreign countries.

SNP is enjoying a rapid growth of sales every year by exporting its products to around 10 countries including Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, and Australia.  Its product family also expanded.

CEO Park said, “SNP is recording a sales of three billion won per month now, of which around 90 % is from overseas. We are expecting a sales growth in 2015.”

This may be due to the trend that Chinese people including those in Hong Kong show an interest in cosmeceutical products as their skin becomes sensitive because of fine dust and yellow dust. Moreover, although it was hard to find a cosmeceutical brand store in the past, now the stores are increasing. You can say that the demand for cosmeceutical products is also increasing.  

SNP has attracted the attention of the industry by, in 2014, entering around 100 stores of SaSa, which is the largest cosmetics distribution store in Hong Kong. A total of around 30 products of the company including aloe soothing gel, Prestige Horse Oil Cream, horse oil hand cream, mink oil skin care, etc. is sold in the stores of SaSa. And, Animal Masks made in the shape of faces of tiger, panda, otter, and dragon is extremely popular.

It is significant that SNP entered SaSa in Hong Kong not through a distribution vendor but through directly contacting the head office. Besides, SNP determined to provide products SaSa’s stores in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan through the internal network. SNP already entered Watson in Malaysia three years ago, forming a high awareness.

  SNP mask packs placed at SaSa, a health and beauty (H&B) store in Hong Kong.

SNP has sold its products both offline and online. Thanks to the great popularity of SNP’s mask packs, its total  ranking on Taobao, the largest online shopping mall in China, grew from the 30th place in November 2014 to the 15th place in 2015.

However, CEO Park is not satisfied with just that. His larger goal is to have its superb product quality recognized also in the Americas and Europe, settling as ‘SNP, a global brand.’ For this purpose, CEO Park in person conducts market research and studies to identify the distribution channels and consumer needs of those countries.

■ Imitations, A Mountain To Cross

  SNP’s cosmetics participating in Cosmoprof in Hong Kong.

It is a fact that South Korean beauty brands are acknowledged in the Chinese market, leading to a sales increase. Thus, the Chinese market is attractive enough. However, one of the failure reasons of most companies is damages from imitations. Imitations are not just a cause for decrease in sales.

Imitations with low quality lead to claims to the head office. Trust of Chinese people about South Korean products will be lowered, and the company’s image may be damaged at the end. This may serve as a cause for difficulties in preoccupying the market.

SNP’s total sales exceeded 30 billion won in the latter half of 2014 with the SNP ampoule mask set including the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask, Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask, and Diamond Brightening Ampoule Mask. However, the company has also suffered damages due to imitations.

Imitations that copied the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask dragged SNP’s feet. A staff at SNP said, “There are a variety of research areas for mask pack including substances, sheet materials, ratio of substances, etc.” adding, “We are planning to secure a distribution channel with public confidence in order to reduce the cost and to prevent imitations from being supplied to consumers.”

■ A Company With A Better Future

It has been forecasted that the scale of South Korean cosmetics market would reach 10 trillion won in 2015. However, even in these circumstances, SNP does not only seek immediate gains. It is also remarkable that CEO Park supports the establishment and operation of primary schools in China, properly doing a social enterprise’s duty.

In this connection, South Korean brands are acknowledged by consumers, beating the conventional luxurious cosmetics brands in the world, thanks to their ‘honest’ product quality. This is the moment when the infinite potential of K-Beauty shines.

Related persons explain that the success of South Korean brands is due to their constant product development. SNP is occupying a comparative advantage by possessing a number of patents. It is firmly believed that if the company strengthens its product quality and selects a variety of marketing mechanisms to build its brand image, it can grow significantly.

One of its tasks is to transparently produce its items from the viewpoint of consumers. It can be said that SNP’s success is guaranteed if the company continues to develop and produce its products in the honest way it has shown so far. As SNP has been doing, and as SNP has planned.

[SNP Brand History]
September 2008     Established the corporation.
October 2008         Established the SNP Skin Science Research Center.
December 2008      Presented a paper on pimple treatment.
March 2009            Unveiled the Acsys trouble care line, and exported to Hong Kong and Singapore.
April 2009               Exported to Canada.
August 2009           Registered the trademark of SNP Cosmetics.
February 2010        Issued a patent on a composition for pack comprising vegetable extracts for pore tightening and sebum control.
March 2010            Issued a patent on a composition for pack comprising vegetable extracts for black head elimination and sebum control.
March 2010           Released the stem cell activation cosmetics.
April 2010              Unveiled the pore control product line.
 May 2010             Exported to Japan.
October 2010         Released the mink oil skin care products.
February 2011        Unveiled the Junior Teens skin care line.
February 2011        Released the Perfeclean cleansing set.
March 2011            Unveiled the Man Secret.
June 2011               Registered the trademark of SNP ACSYSTEM.
September 2011      Entered Happy Department Store.
October 2011          Entered Homeplus.
October 2011          Released the Acsys Trouble Care Spot Patch.
November 2011       Entered Emart.
December 2011       Issued a patent on a composition for pimple prevention or treatment comprising natural antibiotics.
February 2012        Entered Lottemart.
March 2012            Registered as a Technology Appraisal Venture Company.
April 2012              Obtained the permission for SNP Pore Tightening Pack, etc. from the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China.
May 2012              Unveiled the pore tightening whitening source and toner.
August 2012          Registered the intellectual property rights on six types of design.
September 2012     Released six types of pop mask pack.
October 2012         Entered GS Watsons.
November 2012      Participated in Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong.
December 2012      Designated as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise for export. (Seoul Branch of Small and Medium Business Administration)
January 2013          Registered for cosmetics manufacturing and sales business.
January 2013          Entered W-Store.
February 2013        Unveiled Real Mask Pack.
March 2013            Issued a design patent on a pouch for packaging of mask pack.
April 2013              Entered the first store of LOHBs.
May 2013              Participated in Cosmobeaute Asia 2013, Malaysia.
June 2013             Released the Pore Tightening Whitening Gel Cream.
August 2013         Entered the duty free shop at Acacia Hotel in Seoul.
August 2013        Unveiled the Eye Cream Essence Roll-On for each skin trouble.
January 2015        Released the Animal Mask.
February 2015        Entered SaSa, a health and beauty (H&B) store in Hong Kong, with the Ampoule Mask and the Animal Mask.
April 2015        Entered the Seoul store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop and Dongwha Duty Free in Gwanghwamun.
May 2015        Unveiled the Beijing Opera Mask.
May 2015        Entered the Jeju store of The Shilla Duty Free Shop and the Sogong-dong store of Lotte Duty Free.

(photo by the official Website of SNP Cosmetics, screen captures from ‘Roommate Season 2’ on SBS, ‘The Most Beautiful Days’ on MBC Everyone, and ‘A Style for You’ on KBS2, Website of Taobao, Elle China, Esquire China,, bntnews DB)

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