The Successful Multipreneur Who Has Marked His Footprints Globally – Aschraf Mahmud

Managing multiple businesses successfully is the mark of a winner, and he is one of them.

Aschraf Mahmud is of Palestinian origin who was born and brought up in Germany. His initial years were spent in the German Army after which he enrolled for his bachelor's degree in Business Administration along with Financial and Accounting Systems. Thereafter, he went ahead to manage many small scale businesses some of which worked while a few failed miserably. One business that made a significant impact in his life was that of trading in spare motorcycle parts. He found that trading was what interested him and making successful deals was his forte. Going ahead he chose UAE, as his preferred destination to expand his business further and set out to establish his presence in the Middle East by establishing his Real Estate Business in a big way.

When asked about what made him go all the way from Germany to Dubai to start his real estate business, Aschraf says, "UAE is an investors hub, being a financially stable and secured country which has its rules for doing business in place, topped by its robust governmental support made me choose this country as the ideal destination to lay the foundation for my real estate venture." Aschraf established his parent company 'Aras Group' which has major interests in real estate development, buying and selling of properties, rentals, mergers and acquisitions, brokerage and consulting. The group has other companies operating under it namely 'Aras development', which focuses on real estate development in the region having it's current project which is a tower of 96 apartments in Majan area, which is slated to complete by August this year. Its next 74 apartment project is coming up in the next four months which is considered to be one of the most prestigious projects to be developed under his company.To know more about their current and upcoming projects one can visit - Aschraf has also diversified into real estate brokerage by launching a separate company by the name 'Aras Real Estate', which specialises in buying, selling, renting, leasing, and managing properties. You can visit to have a glimpse of their properties on display.

Having made a strong foothold in the real estate industry in UAE, Aschraf is all set to build a community with kindergarten, a big play ground, ten big sized villas, and a tower of 61 huge apartments in Germany through his new company whose name is undisclosed at present.