How To Successfully Host A Virtual Thanksgiving Celebration

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Thanksgiving will look a lot different for just about everyone this year. Gatherings that once welcomed dozens of family members are likely to be limited to a handful of people — most likely practicing social distancing and wearing masks. However, there is another option for a family-filled celebration: hosting a virtual Thanksgiving.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "celebrating virtually or with members of your own household poses low risk for spread." And while going virtual for Turkey Day certainly lacks the intimacy of an in-person gathering, it is a safe and worthy option for those looking to connect with the whole family for the holiday.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some tips and tricks to help guide you in successfully hosting your first-ever virtual Thanksgiving.

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Mail out physical invitations.

Even in tumultuous 2020, there's still that certain level of excitement that comes with receiving a physical invitation in the mail. It shows initiative and is a great way to get someone excited even if they may not have been terribly enthusiastic about a virtual Thanksgiving. Big Dot of Happiness sells an adorable set of orange pumpkin-shaped invitations. Envelopes are included, and you'll receive about a dozen invitations and envelopes with your purchase. Just don't forget to fill out "The Internet" in the entry for "Place."

Ensure that your older relatives are tech-ready.

Anything virtual or remotely involving technology can be a little intimidating for the older crowd. You'll want to ensure that Grandma and Grandpa, and any other relatives, will be absolutely ready for Thanksgiving. Rather than having them connect via a bulky PC or laptop, opt for an easy-to-use tablet. The Fire 7 Tablet is a solid option since it's easy to use. It also features both front- and rear-facing cameras. This particular bundle comes with a standing case and anti-glare screen protector to make for a seamless virtual experience.

Enjoy a simple dish or treat together.

In an attempt to add a little normalcy to a Thanksgiving that is sure to be far from normal, consider sending your relatives a dish that you can all enjoy together during your virtual feast. This is easiest to do with dessert, and this delicious set of milk chocolate-covered Oreos from Philadelphia Candies is the perfect pick, adorned with colorful turkey decorations.

Savor the memories, even if they're virtual.

Years from now, the memories of your first-ever virtual Thanksgiving are sure to be shared around the Thanksgiving table. But if you also want tangible memories of your virtual Thanksgiving, consider purchasing a memory book. One memory book in particular, titled "Giving Thanks — A Holiday Guest Book to Fill with Thoughts of Gratitude," places particular emphasis on what we're all thankful for.

Pages in the memory book come with their own prompts, including "What are you most grateful for?" and "What's worth celebrating right now?" With a total of 80 pages, this is a memory book you can add to for years to come. And be sure to add a handful of photos from your virtual Thanksgiving.

Don't forget about the games!

Whether virtual or in-person, games have always been a fun Thanksgiving tradition. It's an ideal way to get your mind off your rumbling stomach as the turkey spends its last few moments in the oven.

You can't go wrong with a classic such as charades. There's even a game of charades that is Thanksgiving-themed! Some of the terms you'll be tasked with acting out are "pumpkin pie," "NFL football" and "four-day weekend." And if you're looking for a game that's sure to bring on the laughs and is easy to play virtually, look no further than Relative Insanity. Created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Relative Insanity is described as a "laugh-out-loud party game."

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