Succession may have revealed what happens to this one character

succession may have revealed what happens at the end of the series
Has Succession teased a potential series ending?HBO Max - HBO
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Succession fans will know that it's no secret that season four will be the last after the team behind the hit HBO show confirmed the news last month. However, it's not quite the end yet, as the fourth and final series just dropped on HBO Max and Sky in the UK.

But while viewers sink their teeth into more comedic drama, there have already been theories flying around about how the series will wrap up, with many suggesting that episode one may have already hinted at what might happen to one major character.

To recap, the season begins with a lavish party to celebrate Logan Roy's (Brian Cox) birthday at his Upper East Side home, and it's clear that the patriarch isn't particularly enamoured with the people in attendance.

While his son Connor, cousin Greg and son-in-law Tom are notable guests, plus the Waystar Royco staffers, there are also a few absent faces noticed: Logan's estranged wife Marcia and his three other kids, Shiv, Kendall and Roman.

Throughout the ep, it's hinted that Logan is pretty much alone without any real friends or family - the people that surround him are those who work for him.

And after skipping the party for a walk around Central Park with his security guard, Colin, viewers are first introduced to a potential storyline that could mark how the season turns out. Or to put it bluntly, it might not just be the last season for Logan, it might be the end of his character for good.

"You’re a good guy. You’re my pal. You’re my best pal," Logan tells Colin, indicating how alone he must feel to refer to someone who works for him in this way.

"Everything I try to do, people turn against me. Nothing tastes like it used to, does it? Nothing is the same as it was," he adds.

The moment feels as though Logan is facing his own mortality - a man in his eighties, as wealthy as one could ever dream of, but alone with broken relationships and no one to share his riches with.

So it's no surprise fans have questioned whether season four will finish with the death of Logan, especially with the conversation that follows.

"Do you think there is anything after all this? Afterwards?" Logan asks Colin, alluding to whether there is an afterlife.

"I don’t think so. I think this is it," he concludes.

With the hard fact that Succession is coming to an end, it wouldn't be a wild theory to come true...

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