‘Succession’ Meets ‘Sesame Street’: Watch Brian Cox Pitch a ‘Strategic Relationship’ With Cookie Monster

LaToya Ferguson

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It finally happened: L to the O-G finally met the C to Ookie. The Cookie Monster, that is.

The meeting between two of the fictional business world’s biggest moguls — Brian Cox’s Logan Roy (or at least a Logan Roy-type businessman version of Cox) and the CEO (Cookie Eating Officer) of Big Cookie, Cookie Monster — took place in a video from Mashable. In the video — which celebrates the 50th anniversary of “Sesame Street” — businessman Cox approaches Cookie Monster in hopes of a merger of sorts.

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Cookie Monster is the type of executive who goes to “big fancy people meeting in the woods” and had to learn the hard way during the cookie market crash of the ‘80s that “you can no eat profits.” So Cox obviously has his work cut out for him when trying to iron out a “strategic relationship” between their two companies.

“Yes, like a cookie sandwich, come together,” Cookie Monster says, as he eyes the “business cookies” on his desk.

While Cox isn’t technically in character as his “Succession” character Logan Roy, he’s definitely Logan Roy adjacent, as his reaction to Cookie Monster’s more unorthodox business methods is simply: “I knew I should have had one of my sons takes this meeting.” Cookie Monster, on the other hand, is 100 percent Cookie Monster, which may not exactly bode well for proper business etiquette but does allow him to get — spoiler alert — cookies in the end.

Watch the most-anticipated business meeting of the year below.

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