In Sudan, Protesters Attack German and British Embassies

Germany's embassy in Sudan became the latest target of Muslim outrage against the West on Friday, as thousands of protesters stormed the grounds and set it on fire while others attacked the British embassy there. The details are still trickling in, but according to Der Spiegel about 5,000 protesters penetrated the embassy's grounds and tore down the German flag, raising an Islamist banner and setting the building aflame. The protesters at the British embassy next door are still outside the walls, according to the Associated Press. Fortunately, tweets CNN's RA Greene, the German embassy is likely empty because it's a Friday. Al Jazeera's main Arabic channel is carrying live coverage showing smoke and flames. The New York Times noted that protests were expected to flare up with a vengeance on Friday following Muslim prayers. Meanwhile, in Tripoli, Lebanon, protesters set fire to a KFC (that image to the left) as Pope Benedict arrived to call for peace.

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