Sue Bird | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile

Team USA basketball player Sue Bird shares her Olympic basketball journey, the importance of playing a certain role.

Video Transcript

SUE BIRD: And really my journey is just an evolution. Started out as a young player where I got to learn from players like Dawn, and then slowly but surely the years went on and I was able to kind of take the reins from her and become that point guard to help lead the team.

And again, just continuing that culture, continuing to pass it on to the younger players and that's where I find myself now. Just a vet. Somebody who has the experience.

One of my favorite stories of Dawn is her pulling the team together in 2004 right before the gold, sorry. Before the medal rounds and just reminding us, like, this was when it began. And like, this is when the tournament starts. And this is when the gold medal is won. And this is where you put all your individual stuff to the side. And that nobody remembers who leads the team in points and rebounds. They only remember the gold medal.

And so if I can be that player for the team this summer, that would be my role. And again, it's all about fulfilling your role.

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