Suffield High seniors complete a wild ride with graduation

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Jun. 12—SUFFIELD — The wild ride came to an end for Suffield High's Class of 2021, whose graduates gathered on the school's athletic field Saturday for a send-off ceremony.

Valedictorian Juliana Service said how high school was a wild ride, especially with the COVID pandemic. But throughout her four years all of the memories she has made along the way has helped create a path for her future endeavors. Without the support from not only her friends and family but the entirety of her class, she is ready to make an impact on the world and for herself. In the fall, Service will attend UConn in the Honors Program with a major in Allied Health Professions. She hopes to graduate early and attend graduate school for physicians assistance.

"I encourage you to do some self-reflection, as I have done some of my own," Service said. "One thing I know I have learned from this is that life is a journey. Life is a journey full of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, joys and triumphs. It's full of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. There is something to strive for and aspire to fulfill."

As Salutatorian Abby Halasi-Kun gave her address, she repeatedly wanted to instill into her classmates the importance of the memories that they have made at Suffield High School. Not only the big memories such as graduation but even more the small, quirky and unique ones each person has made. Halasi-Kun will serve the country in the United States Air Force following graduation.

"Collectively I believe these memories paint the true picture of who the Class of 2021 is," she said. "We have left our mark on Suffield and Suffield has left their mark on us."

Class President Bryan Bussolari took the stand to express his honor of addressing his classmates on this special occasion. Bussolari said the Class of 2021 has portrayed a world of kindness and support for each and every student, which ultimately played a role in all of their successes.

"Success is going to look different for us all, however, there are some underlying consistencies," Bussolari said. "Success is about being comfortable with yourself and your identity. Success is accomplishing your goals, whatever they may be. Success is whatever you achieve that makes you proud of yourself."

Caroline Bishop, who will attend the University of Rhode Island in the fall, said that despite the pandemic making her final years different and difficult, the school did everything they could to make their high school experience as normal as possible.

As the students prepared themselves to receive their diplomas, Principal James Blain had a few final words for the Class of 2021. Now completing his third year, Blain said how he felt extreme amounts of support from this class from the very first assembly he ran.

He gladly left the students with his favorite quote, "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."


These students graduated from Suffield High School on June 12.

Alexa Adams, Amanda Arendt, Stacy Arendt, Logan Arseneault, Ethan Auchy, Brooke Audet.

Morgan Bacon, Cassandra Balch, Nathan Bannish, Aurora Barbosa, Andrew Barron, Quinn Bathgate, Maxwell Beaudoin, JoAnna Beaudry, Ben Begley, Cam Begley, Caroline Bishop, Tori Bizon, James Blean, Ava Boccasile, Madelyn Bombard, Catherine Borrell, Aidan Borrelli, Maximillian Boxall, Madison Boyd, Jake Bruni, Nicholas Bulat, Ethan Burke, Hollis Burt, Bryan Bussolari.

Tyler Caron, Tiffany Carr, William Casella, Daniel Casinghino, Lucie Casinghino, Alexis Ceppa, Ashley Chae, Alexa Chappell, Seth Chernik, Jasmine Ciarcia, Jonah Coffey, Emma Coggins, Emilia Connors, Anthony Corallo, Riley Corallo, Nicolas Corbert, Brielle Cormier, Haylie Cramer, Claire Cronin.

Angelina D'Amato, Michelangelo D'Amato, Riley Daniels, Joseph Danise, Nathaniel Davidson, Rachel Davis, Samantha DeKemper, Olivia DeLuca, Marissa Dery, Ashley Donahue, Nicole Drinan, Blake Dufresne, Jarred Dugre, Aiden Dultz, Hannah Duncan.

Alisha Edwards Arroyo, Sydney Eitel, Khalil Elmokaddem, Aaliyah Engram, Jacob Evans, Daniel Farmer, Landon Fearn, Mason Ferrari, Lucy Flynn, Alexis Ford.

Hayley Gadomski, Siola Garcia-Stevenson, Anna Gilbert, Thomas Gilleran, Peter Gleason, Kaleb Gleeson, Destiny Gonzalez, Nicholas Grandfield, JayLa Grier.

Abby Halasi-Kun, Maison Hardy, Alex Harfouche, Patrick Harmon-Jarsen, Kaylee Hart, Olivia Hart, Mohammad Hassan, Jackson Heon, Arik Hewes, Kyle Hewes, Gary Higginbotham III, Sadie Hitchcock, Peter Hryniewicz IV, Savanah Hulevitch, Yunni Hwang, Nicholas Hyder.

Akshita Jindal, Nicholas Jordon, Benjamin Kawalec, Elizabeth Keegan, Eva LaFountaine, Krystopher Lavoie, Laila Lawson, Luke Lerario, Kurt Lester, Brandon Lewis, Sabrina Lin, Raiya Lindeland, Owen Liss, Nicholas Listro, Shane Loranger, Elizabeth LoVoi, Anna Lyons.

Lyric MacDonald, Rowan Magoon, Hailee Mailloux, SreeKeerthi ManurSreekantaMurthyGari, Matthew Marenco, Christopher Margiatto, Connor Margiatto, Vincenzo Marmo, Hannah Marshaus, Kyle Mascaro, Carly Matthews, Nicholas Messenger, Ari Metcalf, Ava Mills, Autumn Morales, Bethany Muzzulin.

Arielle Nelson, Michael Novak, Dylan O'Brien, Shannon O'Charek, Conner Olden, Sydney Ouellette, Calista Padilla, Samuel Petrucci, Lucas Plano, Moo Ket Po, Edward Poirier, Samuel Potter.

Jennifer Radulski, Thomas Remington, Kaden Rinaldi, Joseph Rivera, Nicholas Romano, Peyton Ryan.

Timothy Saridakis, Anna Sauer, Hannah Schweitzer, Julianna Service, Brandon Severns, Audrey Sevigny, Olivia Sevigny, Molly Sheridan, Tyler Sheridan, Christopher Shute, Nicholas Sickman, Samuel Sikes, Amelie Skerla, Sara Sklar, Brian Smith, Kayleigh Smith, Madeline Snell, George Steinberg, Michael Swan.

Daniel Taggart, Miriam Taub, Rachel Tautic, Olivia Tibbetts, Meghan Tillona, Bryan Tompkins, Kevin Tompkins, Ethan Underhill.

Genevieve Valvo, Judith Valvo, Gabriella Vargas-Blanchard, Andrew Velasquez, Riley Webb, Taylor Webber, Zachary Wosko, Jacob Wysocki, Haley Young, Kolby Zielinski.