Suffolk County Police Officer Stabbed During Traffic Stop

Officer Christopher Racioppo remains in the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

Video Transcript

- Dramatic new details today about the quick response that saved a Suffolk County police officer's life. Police say officer Christopher Racciopo was stabbed during a struggle with 25-year-old Joseph Nunez Saturday night. Officers attempted to stop Nunez for allegedly driving erratically and without headlights at Patchogue. After crashing into another car, police say Nunez stabbed Officer Racciopo in the leg. Today Racciopo's sergeant discussed the crucial response from fellow officers and a Marine who lived near the scene.

FRANK SANMARTINO: I grabbed his right side, Officer Jared Henry grabbed his left side, and the Marine took his legs. We rushed him full speed to a police vehicle that was some distance away. And at one point in the vehicle we thought we'd lost Officer Racciopo.

- Officer Racciopo remains in the hospital tonight after undergoing emergency surgery.