Sugar Land businesses share how they thrived during pandemic

Sugar Land businesses have gone from struggling to survive to thriving! How they persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the amazing community.

Video Transcript

- During the pandemic businesses in Sugar Land have had to adjust. Not only have they done that, but they're also looking toward the future.

- Well, Sugar Land, our community means everything to us.

- With all the different cultures, it brings a lot of different aspects.

- It's really nice to see people from different backgrounds, different starting points. We were originally I Love Kickboxing. We've been open about four years.

- Jab, cross, left.

- Whenever the pandemic hit, we had to move everything to virtual.

- Get 'em up towards that bag, bud.

- A lot of I Love Kickboxings were going out of business. So we took it as the opportunity to create our own franchise. After that we launched a virtual program. We kept our members happy. We re-opened our doors. And then since then we have signed on an additional 18 other locations, including a new one we're opening up in Canada in March.

- Family business is really big to us, especially with the community here.

- The diversity. I've learned a lot about different cultures and how they handle the arrangements of flowers, the colors. COVID has really changed a lot of things at House of Blooms. We're all learning to recreate ourselves. We do a lot of internet. Since COVID they've just kind of rallied around House of Blooms and they've really supported us. And I want to say thank you to the community for that.

- You know, we've been here at Japaneiro's for 17 years and our community is the backbone to what we do. You know, we live in the area. And they've been on this ride with us and they've carried us along the way, and we love them for being here. Like we did when this pandemic started, we were one of the first restaurants to pivot and had to build a whole curbside situation and help the community and get them fed.

We're just going to go with the flow and whatever gets pushed our way, I'm sure the community's going to support us and we're going to support them. And we're going to do what we have to do to make sure we stay afloat and help out.