Sugar Land's future is sweeter than ever!

From a small company town for Imperial Sugar to one of the most diverse cities in the country, Sugar Land is booming - and its future looks sweeter than ever!

Video Transcript


- Lots of fun, lots of entertainment, lots of restaurants, lots of things to see.

- And what do you think?

- I just like running around and doing cartwheels and stuff.


- Everybody's so friendly and nice, and I just-- I really love it.

- I meet all walks of people, all race of people, people from around-- from around different countries, different states, and I just start talking to 'em.

- It was a sugar town. It was a company town for Imperial Sugar. And then, begins to change as the greater metro region begins to change. Smaller enclaves of a group will settle into a community, and they're communicating with friends and family in Houston and elsewhere who are migrating to the community. And then, often, that attracts more people to the same area.

As close as you can get to 25% white, 25% Black, 25% Asian, and 25% Hispanic-Latino. It's, obviously, not exactly that, but it is a very diverse community and one that continues to get more and more diverse as the region continues to change. There already are a lot of built-in advantages, right? I mean Sugar Land has a lot of established infrastructure, has a lot of established residents.

- So COVID has certainly impacted the new retail and mixed-use environment projects, and being able to secure financing in this time has been incredibly difficult. We hope for more of a mixed-use environment, where there's some office and some retail, but excited to see what would develop.

- A community like Sugar Land is really well-situated to think about its future and how to keep building on its successes. One of the things that we've looked at in the past is that I think Sugar Land also fits into this mold of what were once almost purely bedroom suburbs, right? Almost everybody was commuting to job centers and other places outside of the community. Sugar Land certainly has changed that narrative.

- We love Sugar Land!