Suicides ticked down by 13% in Minnesota in 2020

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Data: Minnesota Department of Health; Chart: Axios Visuals

The number of suicides in Minnesota declined by 13% in 2020, according to preliminary data from the state's Department of Health.

The big picture: While the year-over-year stats dipped, the longer-term trend shows a clear continued increase in suicides.

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  • Public health experts are still sorting out how the pandemic has affected our collective mental and physical health.

  • Deaths due to drug overdose and alcohol were up in 2020.

What they're saying: "It’s a good sign to see that number drop, but 723 preventable deaths are 723 too many,” health commissioner Jan Malcolm said in a press release.

  • "We are not yet sure what impacts the COVID-19 pandemic had on this trend, but it is clear that we must continue to support people and communities to address the causes of suicide."

Be aware: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255

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