Suitcase full of puppies found dumped on highway

An animal shelter in North Carolina has said a “good Samaritan” helped save the lives of four puppies abandoned by the side of a road.

A “good samaritan” found the puppies in a suitcase near Greensboro, North Carolina, before handing them over to an animal shelter on Saturday.

They were handed to the Guildford County Animal Shelter, who said in a Facebook post that the four puppies were assessed for medical needs.

“The puppies are doing well, but very under-socialised, said our medical team,” the centre said, while thanking the individual who led to the rescue of the puppies.

“Shout out to all the good Samaritans who take the time to help animals in need,” the animal shelter said in a post. “These four puppies were found in this suitcase on the side of a road, with the case zippered except for one small part.”

The good Samaritan reportedly noticed the suitcase was moving and realised there were four puppies alive in the suitcase, the animal shelter said, adding: “They were shocked as to what they found, and immediately brought them to the shelter”.

The puppies will eventually be put up for adoption alongside other abandoned and rescued pets, the shelter said.

When the puppies are ready, the animal shelter has said it will put a message out on its social media pages.

The centre added in another Facebook post. “They will require special attention and affection. For this reason, we will place them in foster-to-adopt homes only. When they are available, we will let the public know on our website and here on Facebook.”

As many as 328 stray animals were taken in by the shelter last month, while 251 animals were adoped.

More than 200 people shared the animal shelter’s Facebook post with dozens commenting on the cruelty of abandoning puppies.

“This is terrible that this happened. No animal deserves to be treated like trash,” one user wrote.

“I don’t understand how anyone could do this. Glad they are safe now,” another person added.