Sukihana Criticized For Behavior During Buckingham Palace Visit: ‘I Gave Them Something To Be Mad At’

Sukihana | Prince Williams/Wireimage
Sukihana | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Sukihana’s recent visit to London’s Buckingham Palace sparked criticism on social media, with many stating her “embarrassing” behavior was a setback for the Black community.

Madame Noire reported the “Eating” rapper was expected to perform her first show in London on Monday at the Brixton and decided to do some sightseeing around the town.

She posted the now-viral video to her Instagram account and expressed her sexual desires as bystanders stood surprisingly and watched.

“I’m trying to get my coochie stretched,” Sukihana said as she walked past some locals. “I’m trying to get my coochie stretched and eat a n***a ass. We’ll be eating n***a ass today.”

The 31-year-old appeared carefree and defended her behavior in the post’s caption.

“I was tryna be classy but business class is good enough Cause suki international now😭🥹🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💚💚💚💚,” Sukihana wrote.

The 20-second clip received mixed reactions from Instagram users, with many condemning Sukihana for “embarrassing” Black people over the controversial remarks.

“N***as really laughing huh…This s**t ain’t funny…You fuk they heads up by talking like you got sense ..This s**t is a backfire…i don’t care if she meant it..N***as just do but dont think..This don’t make whyte folks uncomfortable because this is what they want…So they laughing too…” one user said.

“It’s nit about black or white it’s having class for me 🤷🏾‍♀️,” another user wrote.

“All black people do not act like this. Please don’t put the ignorant label on all of us,” a third user said.

Others mentioned how Sukihana could face severe consequences if she expressed herself in this manner in London or other countries with strict laws.

“I love you Suki but be aware that freedom of speech is not a thing in England and they have strict public decency laws,” one user explained.

After receiving backlash for her comments, Sukihana took to Twitter and claimed the white onlookers had seemingly judged the Deleware native and her crew when they arrived.

“Tbh They was already looking at us crazy when I pulled up to the Caesar palace with trucks full of Africas. Child I came for King Charles not y’all. So I gave them something to be mad at,” she tweeted.

On Tuesday, she shared clips celebrating her first sold-out shows across the pond.

“My ghetto ass sold out every show I had in london thank y’all so much I’m glad to see we all nasty,” she wrote with crying emojis.

Sukihana isn’t the first artist to travel internationally and visit the prestigious landmark. HipHopDX reported that Rick Ross had plans to visit Buckingham Palace in August 2022, but he was denied entry and shared his thoughts on what happened.