Summer break film selection: 'Ilo Ilo'

French Cannes Edition poster for "Ilo Ilo" by Anthony Chen

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French Cannes Edition poster for "Ilo Ilo" by Anthony Chen

Catch up with a recent film experience in our summer series. Today, 2013 film "Ilo Ilo," about a Singaporean-Chinese family and their Filipina maid.

With half a dozen shorts to his name, Anthony Chen directed his first full-length film with "Ilo Ilo" and was partially inspired by his own childhood experiences.

Teresa is the Filipina that leaves her own family behind and moves in with father Teck, mother Hwee Leng, and their young, disruptive son Jiale.

Tasked with household duties, she ends up having to deal with Jiale's territorialism as the unlikely pair -- now roommates -- end up forming a strong bond.

The understanding that grows between them invites the mother's resentment and hostility, in light of Teresa's perceived position as a surrogate mother.

But when hard times hit and Jiale's father looses his job, the family and its new employed member must pull together and find common ground between themselves.

Filmed in Chinese, English, and Filipino, "Ilo Ilo" collected the Camera D'Or at Cannes and Best Film at the 50th Golden Horse Awards among other accolades for the production, its cast, and debutant director.

Ilo Ilo (2013)
1hour 39minutes
Directed by Anthony Chen
Starring Angeli Bayani, Koh Jia Ler, Yeo Yann Yann and Chen Tianwen

"Ilo Ilo" official trailer:

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