Update: Summer preview ahead

Meteorologist Mike Haddad has a look at the weather ahead.

Video Transcript

- Hello, everyone. Meteorologist Mike Haddad here in the Storm Watch 9 weather center. Feel like summer warmth? A nice summer preview is on the way as temperatures jump even higher than they were today, all behind a boundary that begins to move off to our east by Tuesday night and early on Wednesday.

So up until that point, for this evening, could be an isolated shower or thundershower in any one given spot, mainly well away from the coast. And then during the day tomorrow, this front moves on in-- could trigger a shower or thundershower in northern New Hampshire at any point during the morning and early afternoon and a brief shower or thundershower south during the late morning and afternoon-- but many dry hours on a partly sunny and mild Tuesday. Beyond that, here we go, well into the 80s for some, especially away from the coast during Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday, and if all works out, just so during part of the upcoming weekend.

For tonight, we'll call it partly cloudy overnight after any evening shower does dissipate. Tomorrow, slight chance of a popup shower or thundershower-- otherwise partly sunny, a little bit breezy, near 70 north and mid to upper 70s south with enough sun we could hit near 80 in the lower part of the Merrimack Valley.

Moving ahead to Wednesday, it turns even warmer. After a comfortably cool start, mostly sunny skies, and look at our temperatures-- around 70 near the coast, upper 70s near 80 North, and 79 to 85 elsewhere.