Summer Sizzle Soars Ahead Of A Friday Cool Down

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- Check in with your Thursday forecast. We've got Dave Aguilera in the house. Good morning.

DAVE AGUILERA: Good morning. Good morning, got a shot from our Lookout Mountain camera. We got a few high clouds out east, but the sun is already moving into downtown Denver. And a little bit of haze out there again today, so we may have a little more smoke coming in from some of those fires that are burning out west. Jeff Neufer our weather watcher in Thornton coming in at 64 to start you off this morning. And Nancy Rockwell way out there in Eastern Colorado, west of Wray coming in at 68. Now, on the satellite, you can see some of the cloud cover that just pushed across the Eastern Plains. We're tapping into the sunshine now already from Denver back up into Western Colorado already this morning, so we'll get into the heat in no time at all.

Southwesterly flow around here doing a couple of things. Bringing in the heat, bringing in a little bit of moisture, there's very little moisture available, but also bringing in some fire danger. There's a high wind warning now for Northwestern Colorado, gusts of wind up to 60 mile per hour on Craig and Meeker. Rest of Colorado could see gusts anywhere from 40, 45 mile per hour, so that red flag warning for Western Colorado again today goes into effect at 9:00 and runs until midnight tonight.

For us, air quality is an issue. We've got added ozone because of the heat of the day expected today. And also in that southwesterly flow, a little bit of smoke coming from those fires out west, so through 4:00 PM some pretty rough weather. Now, here's the smoke forecast, and everything in the yellow, and the green, and the red is the smoke, and you can see big fires out west. One southeast of Salt Lake City, one north of Flagstaff, one east of Phoenix, and there's another one in Western New Mexico right here. So with that southwesterly flow, it's shooting right into Colorado. But tomorrow morning, a cold front comes through, cleans the air a little bit, and we'll drop our temperatures tomorrow, so we get kind of a double relief whammy coming our way for tomorrow.

So a Futurecast for today. There's a slight chance at around the Front Range and the Northeastern Plains we could see some isolated thunderstorms pop. If there is any severity, it'll be Fort Morgan, Sterling, up into Nebraska up here, could have a little bit of hail and maybe some really gusty winds from some of those storms. Otherwise, just the heat goes on today. 90s and triple digits across the Eastern Plains and the Western Slope, with 70s and 80s in the mountains. So I'm going for 96 officially at the airport today. The record is 99. And it will be a breezy day. Much more comfortable tomorrow, about 83, not as hot, and it will be clear to partly cloudy. Not a real big front with any rain or anything like that.

And then by the weekend, bam, we're back into the 90s all weekend long and for the better part of next week as well. So the bulk of that, 98% of that is in the 90s, and just a little small, smidge tomorrow gets us back into the 80s.

- It's just hot.

DAVE AGUILERA: It's just hot.

- I like to call it sizzling summer. I like that.

- Sizzling summer.

DAVE AGUILERA: You can save time by doing that. It's just hot.

- Yeah, it's just hot, back to you.

DAVE AGUILERA: There you go.

- Thank you, Dave.


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