Summit Music Marks 100 Pandemic Parking Lot Concerts For Seniors, With Plans To Keep Playing

When a group of Twin Cities professional musicians could no longer perform when the pandemic hit, they found a new stage, Marielle Mohs reports (2:05). WCCO 4 News At 6 - April 29, 2021

Video Transcript

FRANK VASCELLARO: When a group of Twin Cities musicians could no longer perform in regular venues, they found a new stage.



Summit Music puts on these parking lot concerts. They've become so popular, they want to keep it going far beyond the pandemic. WCCO's Marielle Mohs shows us the impact this music is making in our community.

- Please, please, please sing along.

MARIELLE MOHS: Sandra [? Shea ?] takes center stage--


In a Richfield parking lot, playing her flute to the crowd up above. She's been playing parking lot concerts for 16 different living centers in the Twin Cities for the last year.

- 20 degrees, I was outside. With a flute! Oh, my goodness!

MARIELLE MOHS: Alongside Natalie VanBurkleo-Carbonara on the violin, who came up with this idea, initially wanting to bring music to her grandma living at Village Shores Senior Community.

NATALIE VANBURKLEO-CARBONARA: Summit Music just hit 100 pandemic parking lot concerts for seniors last week.

- I am so proud of her. It is delightful to be able to say that's my granddaughter.

MARIELLE MOHS: A big milestone made, but Natalie hopes to make more, continuing these parking lot concerts through the summer and fall. But instead of getting paid to perform from the senior centers, she wants to be able to gift this music to them.

NATALIE VANBURKLEO-CARBONARA: It frees up the budget of the senior communities, but it allows us to pay our musicians and do more, and make a bigger impact.

- Now that these seniors are vaccinated, some can leave the confines of their rooms, where they have more than enough room to dance.

- It's not about me being on stage. For me, performing is about me connecting with the audience.

- In Richfield, Marielle Mohs, WCCO 4 News.

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: If you want to help fund Summit Music's parking lot concerts, we've included a donation link on