Sumy Oblast attacked 264 times on 13 November

The Head of the Sumy Oblast Military Administration has reported that Russian forces launched 264 bombs, rockets and projectiles on areas close to Ukraine’s national border over the course of the past 24 hours.

Source: Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, Head of the Sumy Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Details: Shalyhyne hromada [an administrative unit designating the town of Shalyhyne and its adjacent territories - ed.]: several villages adjacent to Ukraine’s national border were attacked three times. Russian forces deployed multiple-launch rocket systems (40 strikes), self-propelled artillery (20 strikes) and 8 mortar-launched bombs. These attacks did not cause any destruction.

The Russians opened mortar fire on Znob-Novhorodske hromada, striking it 11 times but causing no damage.

Russian forces used self-propelled artillery and mortars to shell Khotin hromada, resulting in a total of 26 explosions. A local home, three tractors and several power lines have been damaged.

Russian forces attacked Bilopillia hromada five times during the past day. Sixty one Russian bombs exploded at the border-adjacent lands. Also, the hromada sustained 17 artillery strikes. Three civilian homes are known to have been destroyed. Additional information has yet to be confirmed. Several power lines have been damaged. There are no casualties.

Yunakivka hromada: Russian forces delivered 34 strikes at border-adjacent territories firing from self-propelled artillery units located in Russia. Further 36 explosions resulted from artillery fire. These attacks did not cause any destruction.

Krasnopillia hromada came under rocket fire. A Russian helicopter launched eight rockets at one of the border-adjacent villages. The Russians additionally struck the outskirts of another village using mortars (3 strikes). These attacks did not cause any destruction.

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