Sumy Oblast: Russians drop explosives and fire from self-propelled artillery unit


The Russians opened fire on five hromadas  [hromada - an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories-ed] in Sumy Oblast during 29 October. Russian forces delivered 38 strikes from artillery and mortars, and dropped explosives from a drone.

Source: Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, Head of Sumy Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Details: Bilopillia hromada: Russian troops used a 2S9 NONA self-propelled mortar system to deliver 16 strikes on the hromada.

The Seredyna-Buda hromada: Russians attacked an area close to Ukraine’s national border with 122 calibre mortars, causing four explosions.

Esman hromada: Russian forces used mortars to deliver four strikes on the outskirts of one of the  villages.

Krasnopillia hromada: Russians hit a village with a self-propelled artillery unit three times and dropped an explosive device from a quadcopter.

Myropillia hromada: The Russian army attacked the hromada twice, using 120 mm mortars and delivering eight strikes. Later, they launched two mortar bombs of the same settlements.

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