Sun and clouds with a later shower

Monday will include times of sun and clouds as well as the chance of a passing afternoon or evening shower.

Video Transcript

- Here's what's happening outside right now. We've got some sun and clouds during the day today. Those scattered sprinkles that you'll notice early this morning will return this afternoon. They're coming up from the South.

So they'll start in Washington earlier this morning and then they'll come up the coast line in our direction. South Jersey will probably get more in the way of showers than anyone else, but we'll kind of show you what's happening. Warmest day of the week? Tomorrow and it's nice.

We're getting plenty of sunshine and we're back up into the 70s. So we've kind of broken that cool spell that we're in for a while. We'll get into some cooler temperatures for a while later this week though. 56 degrees outside right now. Nice and mild in the city, but take a look at surrounding areas.

So Midland Beach is coming in in the 40s. Woodhaven is about six degrees cooler than the city at about-- or than Central Park, at about 50 degrees. And then notice 37 to 41 degree numbers in northern areas. So that's where we all start.

Fairly mild down into the deep South. Miami starting at about 78 degrees. Charlotte at about 52 degrees. New York is about 56. So the East Coast is doing well. These scattered sprinkles have to clear the area this morning before we get into a little mix with some sunshine and clouds mid-morning.

So there's a lot happening today. Quick sprinkle, mix of sunshine, more rain coming up from the South later on this afternoon. All in one day we're going to do this. This isn't happening in a day or two.

So high area of high pressure just offshore, but we have that low that's right around the Washington DC area and that's what's going to crawl up the coast. Those showers that are down there, are there for us this afternoon. Here's 6 o'clock in the morning. Most of the scattered sprinkles and showers have kind of worked their way through early this morning.

But look after 2:30. 2:30, 3:00, 4:00, we're back in the pocket of showers scattered around the area. It's not light, but it goes on until about 6:00, 7 o'clock in the evening and then we start to break open those skies. Very light stuff this afternoon, but it's going to be around.

So I just want you to plan for it. This is one of those days where it's just mixing all day long today. Sunshine and clouds, back to some clouds, another scattered sprinkle, then we'll clear it out late tonight. Just be ready for all of this on the timing today and everything will be fine.

You can dodge most of the showers, but I would carry a light rain jacket for what's happening later on this afternoon. UV index is about a six in between those clouds today. Sun and clouds, a late shower, again, after the stuff that's around this morning at about 66 degrees.

Clearing skies later on tonight. It becomes quite comfortable at about 48 degrees. And then tomorrow, the warmest day of the week, 74 degrees, mostly sunny skies. Now here's the thing that we've got to talk about. We've got a cold front coming through on Wednesday. This really does drop those temperatures pretty substantially from where we are on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, it's a slow climb back up. Friday and Saturday we're back into the 60s. But, you know, it's that spring week where we're going to lead things up and down.