Bright skies, temps stay mild

Thursday will be our best bet for sunshine for the rest of the week with temperatures reaching the upper 60s.

Video Transcript

- If you're looking north, our skies look much more open than this. If you look east, they look better. This camera's focused south. And that's so we're seeing those clouds. We're pushing the showers now down to Ocean County. We're almost clear of the showers, out of the way of the entire area right now. And the clouds are about to follow. I'll show you a satellite picture on how well we're doing with that. Northern areas, you're just fine right now.

Melrose looking at about 57 degree, SoHo at about 60. Midland Beach, it's 60 degrees as well. This is exactly where we were yesterday, and we made it to 70. So I still think we can during the day today. We just got to get rid of these lingering clouds and let the sunshine do its job. We're 60 in Newark, 52 on the Jersey Shore where those clouds and showers still are.

Here's where all that mild air is coming up [INAUDIBLE]. Look at this-- Memphis at 73, Charlotte at 80. How nice is that? We're at 60, and that's not bad. It's above our normal temperature this time of year. We're just trying to keep up with where we have been this week and how great it's been.

Here's the drier air moving in so quickly here, and you can see in Staten Island South, these clouds are about to clear the harbor. And it'll take a little time to do that. And then the Jersey Shore, you'll be the last to completely clear out of this. But we're looking great north, we're looking great east, and that's the trend.

We've got that area of high pressure up to our north right now. We don't have anything close to us for the day tomorrow. So we've got one more nice day. We had our clouds loaded west today. Knew this was going to happen. Showers got a little bit more beefy than I expected them to. But as they moved through the area, it was more than 1/10th of an inch to a 1/4 of an inch of rain in some cases in New Jersey.

All the reporting stations reported less than 1/10th of an inch. But you and I know it was more because we were watching the radar, and we were able to kind of target, that that was sometimes 1/2 inch an hour falling at that point. But here's that area of high pressure for Thursday. So we get another nice day out of it, but watch the moisture that's back off to the west.

So we start moving that in in the form of clouds, probably, by the time we get to Friday. Saturday right now, the models are in disagreement about just how dry it will be. But it's looking OK, pretty good right now. But I think by the time we get to Saturday night into Sunday, we're moving that moisture in. And Sunday may be a fairly wet one.

So we've got to look at that more closely. The models have just popped Morristown up to 71 degrees today. Congratulations, Morristown. I'm looking at about 67 degrees toward White Plains, 64 toward Bridgeport, cooler numbers out east. And 70 in Central Park is exactly where we're going.

Just to look at the hour by hour to see how well these clouds clear the area, certainly between 3 and 4 o'clock, we're completely sunny, even in the city and southern areas. northern areas, as we pointed out, already are. Look how nice and clear those skies are. And getting into the evening hours, this is 58 degrees, almost 60 degrees at 10:00 tonight.

That's how-- yeah, I heard [INAUDIBLE]. Nice, it is. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Five for the UV index, between a five and six. We're right on the border, just like we were yesterday. Early mix of clouds will give way to sunshine-- sunshine, winds, 70 degrees. Mostly clear, light winds overnight tonight, 49 degrees.

And then tomorrow, we can still get into the 60s, not quite 70, because I think a sea breeze develops. But it's our last best day. And then we start to bring in some clouds. We've got some moisture issues over the weekend that we're going to talk about right now. It looks like Sunday is the wettest day of the weekend, guys.

- MK, thank you.