Sundance Square In Fort Worth Changes Parking Program

As more people try returning to normal, Fort Worth's Sundance Square is trying to manage the amount of traffic that comes back. This means a change to its parking program, which comes at a cost.

Video Transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] Sundance Square is going to make some changes to its parking program as people start to get out and about again. Jason Allen fills you in, now, on the changes that will now come with a new cost.

JASON ALLEN: Suspended during the peak of COVID cases in January, valet parking services in Sundance Square quietly reappeared last week. However, the business validation that made the convenient service free for a few hours, and often busy, did not return. The Square is rolling out a new parking program aimed at keeping the Three Dozen block area downtown pedestrian-friendly.

You will still be able to self-park for free for a couple hours, with validation, at surface lots and garages on the edges of the area. But at valets in front of restaurants, 30 minutes that used to be $5 is now $7. The all day goes from $20 to $21. And businesses won't be able to validate that valet ticket.

A Sundance representative told me the complimentary service tended to draw a lot of cars into the heart of the Square. It was also occasionally abused. There were people who had been known to valet park their cars here, and then take a train or a ride-share out to the airport.

The idea hasn't been detailed on the Square's website yet, or widely announced. And the new pricing has caught some drivers off guard. They are supposed to be directed to service lots which will stay completely free until the new validation technology is ready to go. There are also street spots in garages that are free in the evenings and on weekends.

The Square doesn't have a specific date, yet, on when it plans to widely open the popular Plaza area. But when it does, they're hoping to see more foot traffic than the traffic visitors are used to. In Fort Worth, Jason Allen, CBS 11 News.