Sunday Evening Webcast

16 WAPT Meteorologist Christopher Pipkin has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER PIPKIN: Oh, what a damp and gloomy day here in Jackson. Temperatures today reached into the mid 70s. As you look on our sky cam you see really a lot of us just sitting at a damp gloomy sky out there with those cloudy conditions continuing throughout the day. And those cloudy conditions helping us get on a cooler note too, I mean, we've been into the mid 70s all today. 75 here in Jackson so far, for the overall high which was set this morning. And we had that rain, cool air move through. That's actually cool enough to be placed in the top five of our coolest high temperature days for June 6th.

So third place there, 75 degrees for 2021. So definitely is a cooler day here in Jackson. Temperatures now reaching into the 73 degree mark and those clouds continue to move through here and really high humidity at 81%. So it feels muggy out there and that humid air continuing to feel muggy across much of the area. And it's not going anywhere any time soon.

You can see the showers continuing through. And we've got a little zoomed in look here from Vicksburg, a heavier shower that's trying to move over the Mississippi River now, just south of Vicksburg. I'm sure that will be there fairly soon within the next 30 minutes. And a few lightning strikes with this earlier, too, but you can see that's really starting to dissipate. And a few sprinkles there off into northern Heinz County, Rankin County, and over here towards Madison County, too, now starting to move into that area.

So these showers and sprinkles continue to move through the area throughout central Mississippi. But thankfully, here in Jackson and off towards places to our northeast and northwest, Carthage, Yazoo city, the area we saw at least around, at least a half an inch, maybe even more than Yazoo city. Barely even getting too much of that. Vicksburg though, they've got some better rainfall totals from earlier today.

Actually, within the last hour or two, those pockets of heavier showers poured over there. So a little over a quarter of an inch for them. But look over here down for Lawrence County, near eight to nine inches of rain estimated falling earlier this morning with that heavy band of rain that was just trailing over the same area. Same thing down there south of Macomb, nearly six inches of rain, too, and really didn't make for a soaker down there. And they're dealing with a lot of flooding at this time. So again those rain showers continue to pull through that area which has caused that flooding concern down there for Lawrence and Jefferson Davis County.

But this moisture really causing a lot of that in that low right there that's pushing off allowing for a lot of that moisture to get kicked up into the atmosphere, which is why we're getting this rain and stormy weather, especially coming through the rest of this evening and into your Monday. Especially into the Monday evening period is when we're going to see some more of these showers and pop up thunderstorms continuing through the area

I don't think it's going to be as heavy as it was today, especially for the southeastern and the over here towards Jefferson Davis and Lawrence County. Not going to get as much rain for these storms tomorrow as you're going to get, as you did get today, unfortunately. But again, this potential for showers and a few storms continue to pull through for your Tuesday. And the same thing for your Wednesday, same thing for your Thursday. So get ready because this is not going anywhere any time soon. We're going to see these chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms continue within the next few days.

For tonight though in the upper 60s, and for tomorrow into the mid 80s. And again, the main area our time frame will be into the afternoon into the evening time hours for the chance tomorrow, and a few sprinkles continue all throughout the day, too. Here is that seven day forecast though, again, notice hang on to that chance coming into your Thursday. Temperature sticking to the mid 80s. And then coming into your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we start to warm back up. We're getting rid of the rain, but we're not getting rid of the humidity. Temperatures in the upper 80s. Get ready, because June is about to really be in full swing here fairly soon.