Sunday Evening Webcast

16 WAPT Meteorologist Christopher Pipkin has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER PIPKIN: And an absolutely beautiful evening on this Sunday. Temperatures are rather cool out there into the lower 70s. We reach 74 degrees here for the high. And that is cool compared to what we usually are this time of year. Usually, we're into those mid to upper 80s. So that's going to actually put it on the scoreboard for the top five coolest days, placing third place. And the ones to beat was 1984, 71 degrees, 1979 with 73. And we placed third, beating the 1947 76 degree record.

So it was definitely a cooler than average day here in Jackson. All that thanks to a clouds that built over as earlier this morning into the afternoon hours and quickly dissipated right there just over Central Mississippi. And folks down there towards the South were able to enjoy those cloud-free evening and afternoon.

For today, getting a little warmer. But for us here in Jackson, we're at 73 degrees. We still got plenty of sunshine, though, out there for this evening. And it's relatively nice because we don't really have too much humidity out there either in terms of any of mugginess. That's going to be headed our way in the next few days. So here's the temperatures again. If you go more south, it's a little warmer down there towards McComb at 80 degrees.

That less humid air is going to stay over us for at least the rest of today into the morning time hours tomorrow. That high pressure kicking off as we start to get into midweek. And then we start to see more of those showers and a few pop-up thunderstorms continuing through the area and more muggy air as we do get into the middle part of this coming up week.

And here's the Muggy Meter. Notice that we're on that upward trend as we get into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And especially into Thursday into Friday, we're going to get dew points into those lower 70s. So it is going to feel very sticky and muggy out there. Just get ready and enjoy it while we do have some nice humid-free air while it lasts. For tonight, we'll be into those mid 50s. Another cool night for us. Last night, we got to 54 degrees. Tonight, we're gonna get back into those 50s once again. Your Memorial Day forecast is looking gorgeous. We're going to get to 86 degrees.

Clouds do continue throughout the day. And they increase again for your Tuesday. And they're going to continue to increase as we get into Wednesday. PM showers will be possible as we get into Wednesday, mainly into the evening and overnight hours. And then Thursday into Friday, scattered showers do continue. Temperatures in those mid 80s. We'll hang onto those mid 80s as we get into next weekend, and possibly getting up into the upper 80s.