Sunday Evening Webcast

16 WAPT Meteorologist Christopher Pipkin has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER PIPKIN: We've got a neat little video to show you here coming in from Indiana a few states away from us. Isn't it? Well, we've got this really cool bird. That's called a chickadee bird. And it's just sitting there on top of this weather station, going around and around, like a little carousel, having a good fun day there.

That's probably why their weather station data there is helping messing up a little bit, but nice sunshine, though, to talk about up there. And you know, we have that, too, here down in Jackson, where temperatures, today, are reaching into those lower 80s. And we still have a few peeks through the clouds. Those clouds are now starting to pour over us here in Jackson, and temperatures still staying into those lower 80s at this evening.

This is being reported around the six o'clock hour. Now, we're at 80 degrees. We were 82 not too long ago, so our high topping out at 82 degrees. We've got some clouds that are filtering in all thanks to the system that is slowly just moving across the Great Plains from the Texas panhandle, moving into Oklahoma, and then we've got in front of it some moisture being poured in towards Arkansas, Louisiana, portions of Mississippi. And then a lot of clouds also involved with that, and storms also caused a few tornado warnings down South of Dallas not too long ago.

But those storms, now, starting to quiet down. Those clouds, now, heading towards the Jackson area, and a few pop up showers and thunderstorms along with it could be into the area by early tomorrow morning. So those storms, moving in on through and coming into your Monday morning. As they continue to push on through, notice that, really, it's just a few pockets of showers. Not really talking about too many heavy downpours.

But getting into the evening time hours and into your Tuesday, we could see some of those pop up showers and thunderstorms with heavy downpours at times, especially for counties off towards the West. The more West you go, the higher the chances of that rain will be. And it's going to be looking like that, too, with our rainfall totals anywhere from all the way to four to six inches over here for Dallas towards this portion of Texas and Eastern Texas. And then coming in towards Louisiana, one to three inches, and the more East you go, the lesser rain chances you have. So the lesser rain amounts you're going to have too.

So if we do get one or two good downpours somewhere in the central part of the state, it could result into amounts of an inch or so in rain. But it's just not looking too likely in terms of a lot of heavy rain here in Central Mississippi. All that thanks to high pressure that's beginning to build off here from around the Carolinas. That's going to continue to push on up, and build stronger, and get stronger, and stronger, really, causing a good ridge to form over here towards the southeastern part of the United States, warming the temperatures up, and then there's a system way out there towards the West.

And that's really not going to help us at all here towards the central part of the state. We're going to start to see more of a dry pattern and warmer temperatures as we get into late week into the weekend. Before tonight, we'll get into those mid 60s. Again, those clouds continuing on through. Coming into tomorrow, a few showers and passing storms could be possible, but it's not going to be a total washout throughout the whole day.

Those temperatures in those mid 80s. You're going to feel those temperatures tomorrow, because that humidity, really increasing for your Monday. Coming into tomorrow night, we'll get to those mid 60s, a few stray showers, and we're going to be staying cloudy, too, coming into your Monday night. Here's that seven day forecast though. Again, scattered storms for your Monday, your Tuesday, mid 80s continuing through.

We get those showers and storms starting to really dissipate as we get into later part of the week, and then coming into your Friday, we start to clear out a little bit. Saturday, Sunday, we're up into those upper 80s. Some warmer temperatures on the way.