Sunday Squawks

Nov. 5—The time has come for the city of Albany and Dougherty County to consolidate. The recent money-grab by the City Commission shows that this is the perfect time for change in this community. Let's throw these clowns and the others in the county out and elect some real leaders.

What is wrong with Albany's police department? About every week, I see off-road dirt bikes and ATVS ride up and down Oglethorpe Boulevard along with Jackson Street. If the police are afraid, call the National Guard.

Got a friend who sent me a picture of a moose he had recently shot. I told him I had seen two bigger than that in Publix parking lot.

It's simple. The mayor is once again trying to be greedy and a bully, taking a large majority of the special tax and not using the money for its purpose. Between raises and failed recreation projects, just say no Nov. 8 for the "penny" tax.

The Albany City Commission's self-raise is setting a dangerous precedent for the future of a town that is drying up. Instead of working to keep people in this city, these greedy do-nothings are running more of them out.

The burning question: How many more of Herschel's baby-mamas will come forward before the election? Will we get all of the answers?

Nice, really nice. The person talking about large people in public in a derogatory way is, I'm sure, a perfect human being with no flaws. I'm sure you have no hidden imperfections that people could make fun of, if they were as big a jerks as you are.

Watching Republican focus groups is like watching documentaries on mid- to late-1930's America. Lie, after lie, after excuse that supports the lies. Will the Kool-Aid crowd ever be released from the spell? Cults don't die they just go dominate until the next con artist helps you target your deep-seated reasons for self-hatred on others. Good luck, democracy.

Burt Jones is a Trump-worshiping do-nothing with zero accomplishments on his resume. Charlie Bailey is a man of integrity who will work for Georgia.

I've seen a couple of squawks lately stating that when Sharon Subadan was our city manager, Albany was a productive city. This is utterly absurd and totally untrue, and her mismanagement style has nothing to do with these ridiculous pay raises.

It's clear that Walker learned well at the feet of his master. This ardent anti-abortionist has racked up a number of pregnancies and abortions, making him as big a hypocrite as Trump. What amazes me are the people who say Walker is an "honest man." He is an unapologetic liar, and if you believe him, you're as big a part of the problem as he is.

Without freedom of speech, we would not know who the idiots are.

The City Commission needs a reasonable raise after 14 years. What troubles me are the perks and benefits they have that are mostly unknown by citizens. Hopefully, our newspaper will report these after obtaining an Open Records request. When asked, a former commissioner directed me to the city attorney, saying, "This is a sensitive subject."

Kemp, Walker, Jones, Carr, Raffensperger ... One of the biggest groups of con men this state has ever seen.