Sunday Squawks

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Jan. 1—So now an SMR is complaining about his "religious freedom" being challenged. Then it's the same old song and dance about Liberals discriminating against him. I wonder how he would feel if a Muslim sent in the exact same post. Conservatives love playing the victim. Hey, Flag Waver, stop being a hypocrite. This site has some educated people on it, not just Fox News viewers. Signed, Yours Truly

What breeds white racism? Car jackings, armed robbery, violence committed against elderly Asian women, gangster rap, fatherless homes, welfare fraud, drug dealing, wearing pajamas while using EBT card to buy king crab, not snow crab, volatile behavior, ghetto talk, fighting police officers, teen mothers. Shall I go on, Yours Truly?

As a fellow music lover, I certainly enjoyed Fletcher's take on grammar usage in songs. We mostly give them a pass because we listen for entertainment, not as education. But it could be said that constant usage of improper grammar among musicians could negatively impact the people who listen to their works. Me? I ain't buying that.

Squawker, you are absolutely right. Slow Joe is ahead of me and everyone else in his "failure to safeguard our Afghanistan withdrawal," "failure to secure our borders," "failure to stand up to China," "failure to tamp down inflation" and "failure to get COVID test kits to the voters here at home." The Patriot

Biden needs to become proactive rather than reactive. A year ago, he said not having COVID test kits was a travesty, but he waited until we were completely out to order more.

Demetrius Young's New Year's resolutions: Close down all the liquor stores so he can be called a hero by the false prophets who spread vicious lies from the pulpit each Sunday and find a way to get his hands on all that "free" government money pouring in so that he doesn't have to get his first job.

I find it astounding that someone who spews racist commentary and blindly follows political leaders simply because they represent his or her preferred party can call himself a "patriot" and look at himself in the mirror. Patriotism is about following the ideals and principles this nation was founded upon, even the ones we don't necessarily like.

Critics say Joe Manchin refusing to support the Build Back Better plan is a danger to our democracy. I look at it as saving our country from disaster.

I love how all you hypocrites who complain about the people on welfare and accuse any politician who believes in social programs as being a "socialist," and yet I never heard about any of you tearing up those freebie checks that came from the national treasury. How about a little tough action with those "strong convictions?"

It amazes me the number of times squawkers see Albany State University as a detriment to this community. I have seen our so-called business organizations be non-supportive of ASU as well, i.e. their failure to support Dr. Dunning in his task to consolidate the colleges here. Try and determine the economic and social impact of ASU not being part of this community.

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