Sunday Weather Forecast

WLKY meteorologist Susanne Horgan has a look at your forecast.

Video Transcript

SUSANNE HORGAN: Hi, I'm WLKY meteorologist, Susanne Horgan. For today we're looking at windy weather as scattered showers, especially for those areas right along in North of the Parkways. We are expecting to see our temperatures run a little bit cooler for our northern communities, a little bit warmer with those drier skies down to the South. And then after tomorrow, temperatures should be able to recover to about 75 degrees on your Monday. It's after Monday that we're looking at those temperatures that are going to run a little bit cooler with highs only in the 60s.

SUSANNE HORGAN: So let's go ahead and talk about our rain opportunities. We've seen soaking showers during the morning hours will hold on to the chances of some rain into the afternoon, and then for this evening, we'll start to see that rain tapering off and lifting out of here. For tomorrow, perhaps a stray shower maybe realized during the evening hours. Most areas stay dry. Then as we make our way into your Tuesday, it looks like temperatures back into the 60s with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. We are expecting to see our temperatures top out most likely into the upper 50s for today. Temperature wise, we're going to be dealing with warmer conditions a bit farther down to the South with highs recovering into the 60s most likely. So again, gusty winds are expected up to about 30 miles per hour. Overnight will drop down to about 51 degrees after seeing some evening showers, and then you can see for tomorrow, highs right around 75 degrees. Looks to be a very pleasant day for us. Mid 70s for tomorrow, as I mentioned, then we're back into the mid 60s on Tuesday, lower 60s on Wednesday.