Sunday's letters: Insulting women, indoctrinating students, boycotting circus, more

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Republican U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz gives a speech at a Trump rally in Sarasota on July 4, 2021.
Republican U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz gives a speech at a Trump rally in Sarasota on July 4, 2021.

Gaetz shows he doesn’t belong in Congress

Well, that does it! The latest crazy comments by Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz are the most bizarre thing I’ve heard in a long time.

And he is running for reelection in the Panhandle?

What I am referring to are the statements Gaetz made about women protesting anti-abortion laws.

He called them unattractive "thumbs" (whatever that means) and, consequently, the least likely to need an abortion because nobody would want them.

Gaetz further described these women as 350 pounds and 5-feet-2-inches tall! So now he publicly insults hefty and short women.

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Really? Would anyone want a congressman who thinks the way Gaetz does?

Isn’t this the same man who has been accused of having sex with an underage girl?

Please, pay attention to whom you vote for; it will come around to affect you eventually.

Illogical and hostile thinking is dangerous, especially in people making decisions that will impact your life.

Julia Moses, Sarasota

Communism course to indoctrinate students

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis cheered the recently passed law that mandates adding to the state’s school curriculum a course that aims to “teach” students about the dangers of communism.

There is no other way to describe the ultimate effect of the law as anything but indoctrination. I thought that DeSantis was vehemently opposed to indoctrination of any kind in Florida’s schools and colleges.

Maybe the course will serve the aims of Florida Republicans, given that they have already labeled Democrats as communists and/or socialists, an attitude that could easily be passed on to students.

One can imagine little Johnny and Janie going home from school having undergone indoctrination as to the dangers of communism and socialism – and then hearing Republican politicians incessantly referring to Democrats as communists and/or socialists.

Wouldn't many students buy the lie and believe that Democrats are a danger to the country?

C. Edward Bernier, Sarasota

Hearings expose rot of Trump White House

The Jan. 6th House Select Committee, like the Senate Watergate Committee, has exposed some ugly truths about the person who was the president.

The recent case is far worse than Watergate. Donald Trump’s actions and inactions resulted in long-lasting injuries and death on Jan. 6, 2021. For all who view this as a distraction by the Democrats, change the channel. Better yet, watch all the hearings uninterrupted on YouTube.

Whatever problems we are currently dealing with in this country pale in comparison to a president who was derelict in his duties on Jan. 6. What the committee has done is peel back the onion of the Trump administration, exposing a rotten core.

Bob Rustigian, Bradenton

UF not accountable to students, employees

In response to “UF must acknowledge problems,” July 26:

First, this is an interesting piece, some aspects of which are worth consideration.

Second, the University of Florida was established by and is financially supported by the good grace and generosity of Florida taxpayers and their elected representatives.

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Third, students have, of their volition, applied to study at UF – and they were fortunate to be admitted.

Fourth, administrators and faculty, of their own choice, sought employment at UF.

While any advice and commentary from students, administrators and faculty should be considered, was it ever intended for the administration to be “accountable to our (students’, administrators’ and faculty’s) principles, policies and procedures?”

These are clearly matters for much further discussion.

Kevin Collins, Venice

Boycott circuses that perform with animals

I was saddened to see an ad in the paper for a circus coming to town with elephants, tigers, zebras and camels. Now that Ringling has stopped using animals, it is time for all circuses to do so.

In nature, elephants, tigers and other animals don’t jump through hoops, balance on pedestals or stand on their heads. They perform these and other stupid tricks because they have been taught that if they don’t do as instructed, they will be punished.

Don’t take my word for it. In the words of Henry Ringling North, these animals "work from fear.”

Please, boycott circuses that use animals and save your money for the modern ones that feature the incredible feats of human acrobats.

Karen Ankerstar, Sarasota

Leave teaching to fully trained teachers

I am a U.S. Army veteran. I was fully trained in my military occupation as an MOS 16P Short Range Air Defense Missile Crewman.

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Nothing I learned or did in my service to our great country made me competent to teach children anything other than to fire missiles at aircraft.

Soldiers are trained to fight. Teachers are trained to teach.

Peter Ouimette, Venice

This article originally appeared on Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Cast your votes carefully, exposing rotten core of Trump White House