Sunday's letters: Musk's Twitter format, School Board disgrace, racism at academy

Elon Musk, the world's richest man, bought Twitter in a $44 billion deal in October.
Elon Musk, the world's richest man, bought Twitter in a $44 billion deal in October.

Here’s to Musk for opening up Twitter

I left a billion-dollar corporation because it had lost its way. It went into bankruptcy and is long gone.

Many years ago, I co-founded what became a very successful company. In my role as CEO and president, I adopted the MBWA philosophy, Management by Walking Around. Every day, I engaged our associates in dialogue about the company, eliciting ideas and learning about their families and their career goals.

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Today, I applaud Elon Musk, new CEO of Twitter. By opening up his format to all, and not “silencing” voices, as previous management had done, I believe his much-needed format will catch on and grow.

Twitter will grow the right way and become a viable voice for many. It won’t matter if you’re conservative or progressive. All will be heard.

And this is where real constructive dialogue begins. I predict that this refreshing format will catch on, and we’ll begin to see more of it.

I’m admittedly conservative, but I want to hear all sides and then decide how to proceed. I think we’re entering “the other side of the coin,” with much more openness coming out of it. The beginning of something much needed and refreshing.

Thank you, Elon Musk, for doing the unthinkable!

Al E. Bavry, Sarasota

School Board doesn’t care about students

I wrote this letter after watching the nearly five-hour-long School Board meeting Nov. 29. I was disgusted by what I saw (“School Board authorizes resignation negotiations with Sarasota Superintendent Brennan Asplen,” Nov. 30).

I saw four board members who essentially tore down the career and livelihood of Superintendent Brennan Asplen, a dutiful public servant and a man who has devoted his life to the education of students like me.

I saw a board with little to no interest in the safety and education of students, but a board that was more interested in settling political scores against a man who, as he said at the meeting, aligns with their political views!

Editorial: School Board can make Asplen go away, but not troubling questions

This board is a disgrace to Sarasota County, and its students, teachers and administrators.

Why are four of the board members pushing a “highly effective” superintendent to resign? Because they simply do not care about students like me and our problems.

Students worry about getting shot by coming to school every day. We also worry about our education being hijacked by people who simply do not believe in us.

The only voice of reason left is Tom Edwards, who made the most profound comment of the night when he said that his vote against the motion was for the students.

Kennedy Cole, 14, Sarasota 

Asplen fails to fit conservative narrative

Several words come to mind as I read this latest assault on our democracy in regard to the firing of Brennan Asplen, who exemplifies dignity and intelligence in the face of such blatant politicization of the Sarasota County School Board (“School Board authorizes resignation negotiations with Sarasota Superintendent Brennan Asplen,” Nov. 30).

And please stop using the words “separating” and “terminating.” He is being fired for no cause other than the fact that he doesn’t fit the narrative of what the conservative members are demanding.

Deplorable indeed.

Claire MacFayden, Venice

Demand military academy address racism

I was very disturbed by the article about the Black student at Sarasota Military Academy who was bullied and called the “N” word. The head of the school has not taken the situation seriously (“Mom slams academy’s response to racial slurs,” Nov. 27)

I honestly thought I was reading a story from the 1960s and couldn’t believe racial problems were still happening in a school, let alone a military academy, and it was also shoved under the rug.

No mother should have to go in desperation to a newspaper to make her point that her son deserves better. I believe that all the parents in the school should be standing with the mother and demanding accountability.

Column: Impacts of racism all too real for Florida’s students

Who will be next to be bullied? A Jewish child, Hispanic, Asian American or just someone who may not look exactly like the other students.

It’s 2022 and it’s past time for us to speak up when we see the quality of a child’s school life threatened by ignorance and prejudice. We can’t allow the students to think these actions by one student to another are the norm.

Sharon Mitchell, Sarasota

Honoring the father of Snoopy

While reading the comics Nov. 26 I was very pleased to see how the comic strip authors honored the late Charles Schulz and his Peanuts legacy on his 100th birthday.

Snoopy has always been my hero.

Years ago, Schulz was interviewed on “60 Minutes” and came across as everyone’s grandfather. When asked if his friends and family give him ideas for his strip, he replied “yes.” But when asked if he ever listened to them, he smiled and replied “no.”

Alan Carter, Venice

This article originally appeared on Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Under Musk, Twitter will become viable voice, board gets its way