AccuWeather: Spring arrives!

Spring arrives on Saturday with plenty of sunshine and warming temperatures.

Video Transcript

AMY FREEZE: We have a beautiful day out there as far as how it looks, but it is cold and living up to the reputation of the last day of winter. Looking at the the blue skies, not bad at all with this live view.

North winds at 15 miles an hour. There's still a bit of sting in the air. Temperatures have come a little above freezing, but we've got the winds and that's making it feel more like the low to mid-20s, with some wind chills that have been in the teens this morning, so it'll be slow to warm up.

Peak wind gusts for Newark at 43 miles an hour. We had an Islip wind gust at 41 miles an hour. So 35 to 45 miles an hour still possible. This will be the windiest part of the day here, the early afternoon.

Feels like the low 20s for Newburgh, feels like 28 in Sussex, feels like 25 for Belmar. Bundle up if you're heading out to run some errands this afternoon.

By tomorrow, by spring, things will be much different. We bring in the new season tomorrow and these winds really Saddle down. In fact, the wind gusts within the last hour have been 25 to 30. I think we could still get some gusts up to 40 miles an hour, and then the winds settle down later on this evening. We'll start to see some relief from that windchill.

Now, skies will clear out, as well. That will allow these temperatures to drop down to at least the freezing point, and maybe below it. But it's a quick warm up tomorrow. In fact, temperatures will jump into the mid-40s by the mid-morning hours tomorrow. We'll make it into the upper 50s, it looks like, before the weekend is out.

So future winds, watch this. We'll put it into motion. By 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock, winds settle down, 15 miles an hour, and then they go calm overnight. It will get chilly. Tomorrow, there's a lot of sunshine, though, and a big warm up is expected not just for Saturday afternoon but also for Sunday, as well.

We're storm-free, nothing really to slow down the warm up. So mid-50s tomorrow, upper 50s on Sunday, getting even warmer on Monday. We will get some influence from the ocean, so the warmest temperatures early next week could actually be inland, and we won't get the influence of any storms until about Wednesday, or we could see a coastal storm bring some light rain.

So that's what we're looking for is a nice spring warm up, comfortable weather pattern, and dry conditions until about the middle of the week. So 42, this will be the coldest day. Tonight, temperatures do drop to 30. It's freezing cold overnight. Chilly start tomorrow, but a quick warm up and making our temperatures above average by the middle of the day. 54 is the top temperature we're expecting.

Spring also begins early tomorrow morning, and it feels like it. Wow, calendar coinciding with the actual weather is pretty impressive. Upper 50s will take us through early next week. 62 on Tuesday is the warmest day, 58 on Wednesday with that shot of showers. And then Thursday, we'll get still a chance around, with a high of 60.

So you guys, just one more cold day, one more cold afternoon, and then spring will-- spring will spring.

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